I am EOD I've written many songs in many genres in the past (many became popular done by other artists) this is my new solo project mostly alternative & blues


I played mostly in New York cover bands Heat Seeker & United Nations. Currently Playing with the cover Band "WAKE THE NEIGHBORS" in Florida...My original Projects in tthe past were with J.D. & the Groovy Juvies,Harveys Drool,Sleepers Wake & currently EOD (Ed of DeMise or Explosive Ordnance Disposal)


1)Sleepers Wake-Wake the Dead 2)J.D. & the Groovy Juvies 3)EOD-Sorcerors Deight 4)EOD's EviL Geniuses-Songs for Hire 5)EOD-Beyond EviL 6)EOD-Suicide Notes & Love Letters.... all EP's

Set List

varies from band to band usually 3 45 minute sets