The Eoff Brothers Band

The Eoff Brothers Band


Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, Heart & Soul. Josh Eoff(16), Justin Eoff(23), and Nathan Hancock(22). A young blues trio out of Northwest Ark, Already a regional touring act, on the verge of being nationally recognized with their debut album SIDE BY SIDE.



Formed in early 2005 in their hometown of Springdale, Ar. The Eoff Brothers Band has traveled thousands of miles across the midwest from the Rocky Mountains in Denver to the mighty Mississippi in Memphis putting on powerful R&B performances which include original songs off their debut album "Side by Side" along with several hits from their influences like SRV, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa, Led Zeppelin, and other great R&B and rock artists. Brothers Josh(16,guitar) and Justin(23,drums) Eoff are teamed with childhood friend Nate Hancock (22,bass) and together they bring soulful vocals, blistering guitar riffs, and and a tight rhythm section that backs Josh's incredible guitar ability. Josh Eoff is the next generation of guitar heroes. Unlike any other band around, this young group of musicians pack a 1,2,3 punch that lasts the whole show.

for booking contact Kevin at 479-935-8542
Nate 479-502-1987
justin 479-872-1408


'Side by Side'--Self-Produced---2007

Set List

Set List

Songs from SIDE BY SIDE

tell her how you feel
you got me tight
lonely heart
hot springs
side by side
self centered
intention of escape
lee's song
get it goin

other originals

dance for me
Funk jam
srv shuff


Purple Haze, Hey Joe, Fire (jimi hendrix)
crossfire, pride and joy, coldshot, texas flood,
let me love you baby (SRV)
Moby Dick(Led Zeppelin)
Bridge To better Days(Joe Bonamassa)