The band Fierce Atmospheres is a progressive metal act in the vein of Iron Maiden,Rush,Satriani.. It has twin guitar leads/ harmonies with heavy overtones.Its unlike most bands out there right now in metal, but has an old school feel. I also have acoustic material in the vein of Dimeola,Santana,.


First off,this EPK is for me and my project FA.My acoustic and electric material are available for work.This band (Fierce Atmospheres)is all about the progressive aspect of metal music.The songs have structure and ambience that flow in the same realm as bands like Iron Maiden,Dream Theater,Rush,etc.Though the parts can get technical,they do not go overboard and lose sight of the feel.What sets us apart is that we have only recorded(Austin demo Gale Force 2003/Nashville,TN and Rochester,NH 2007) so far,but even though, we have a growing buzz in the Chicago area from our samples and worldwide reviews..One old review from our first demo said we should be among the progressive metal greats..
My acoustic music is a blend of instrumental styles made for film,TV,etc...It is in the likes of a,jazzy fusion,ambient acoustic nature.


Feb.2003 Gale Force CD Austin,TX
June 2007 Recorded in Nashville,TN
Oct. 2007 recorded in Rochester,NH

Set List

Gig ready by years end 2008.Searching for open air events in particular. Two of our members have played in Germany to thousands and are looking for those kinds of opportunities again.Our sets will vary from 45 minutes to one and a half hours.No covers yet...