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Eon MC Etc.

Lawton, Oklahoma, United States | INDIE

Lawton, Oklahoma, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B


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"interview with Ourstage"

Integrity is the new Bling

Eon MC Etc. is more than just a modern hip-hop artist with a conscience. He’s a poet whose lyrics are thought provoking, honest representations of what he believes; he wastes no time on filler and nonsense. This rapper is a breath of fresh air amidst a genre that often gets overshadowed by the lifestyle we’re led to believe it accompanies: bling, fast cars, and MTV Cribs. Eon makes it clear that what matters to him is truth and integrity, rejecting the notion that his skin color or music make him an ambassador of popular hip-hop culture.

“Give me my identity back… I don’t know s**t about Cadillacs, rims, or platinum teeth. Get outta my face with that.”
~Angry Black Man lyrics

OurStage recently interviewed Eon MC Etc. and, as expected, he gave us some great answers. For starters we wanted to know where he got his unique name. The story goes all the way back to his first rap group that he started with his cousin at age 5:

Eon: [My cousin] went through probably 10 name changes while I struggled to come up with even one name that I liked. One day I was listening to a song and I heard a lyric that said, “we’re eons ahead of our time” and I was like, “Yeah, Eon, that’s my name.” Later on in my teenage years I thought that was kind of silly so I had to switch it up. I was trying to be cool, you know, making “gansta rap.” Women and violence, the whole 9 [yards]. It wasn’t until I was 20 and considering quitting rap altogether that I had to remind myself why I started doing it in the first place. It was then that I decided to re-adopt my original rap name. This time I slightly modified it though, being that I’m all grown up now. I added MC Etc. I’m an emcee (MC) as well as other things (etc. meaning “and so on”). The deeper or real meaning is this: Eon is an undefined long period of time (thousands of years), MC to me stands for man of Christ,and etc. means literally “and so on.” So my name means “Timeless man of Christ and so on.”

OS: The song “Angry Black Man” talks about stereotypes and identity, being pigeonholed into a category because of one’s skin color. This is something a lot of people can relate to. You managed to say a whole lot about the topic in 5 minutes- What would you most want a listener to take away from that song after hearing it once?

Eon: Ironically, it depends on what “race” they are. I would like for the black people to see the racism inherent in black American culture and the hypocrisy of the black nationalist mentality which promotes black hate while condemning white hate and is actually rooted in self hatred and shame. I would like the white people to see past the stereotypes and see a man not so different from them. I also want them to feel some vindication from years of being the designated racist… people of any race can enjoy the appreciate the honesty, I believe.

OS: As you yourself have pointed out, there are a lot of political references in your music and in your blog. It’s hard to miss your passion for speaking your mind. You’ve mentioned an affiliation with the Hip Hop Republicans- for those of us less familiar, could you explain who they are?

Eon: The Hip Hop Republicans are a collection of people from the “hip hop era” who at least somewhat agree with the ideals of the Republican Party. They believe, as I do, that the welfare state and expensive government programs have actually created a class of people that are completely dependent on the federal government and have done more harm to low-income and urban families than good. The idea is educating people to understand this and explaining what better options they have. They are actually very active politically and starting to gain a lot of recognition. I kind of stumbled across their website and was very intrigued by the discussions they had going on. They were gracious enough to let me post a couple of rants on their site. But as for me, I no longer wish to have any affiliation with the Republican Party because I do not like the direction they are going in.

“Why all the politics? Life is political. My music is laced with my religious and political views because, unlike many people, I believe that what you believe is who you are and cannot be separated from any aspect of your life. If you separate your beliefs from your art then your art will lack substance and is therefore useless.”
~From Eon’s MySpace blog

Keep your eyes and ears open for more of what Eon MC Etc. has to say. His latest album, A Reckonin’, is available through iTunes and CD Baby.

Check out Eon MC Etc. on OurStage, too!

- Rainy

"Eon MC Etc. ~ A Reckonin'"

By Beeb Ashcroft

Mainstream rap has become an extraordinarily predictable genre - take sample A, B, or C, paste in your standard Pro Tools drum loop, and add some stale lyrics about being a tough gangster with oodles of money and women. When I popped in Eon MC Etc.'s debut CD A Reckonin', I was figured it would be yet more cookie cutter rap - but I was wrong.

Eon MC Etc. - born DeAndre Tinker - is eloquent, intelligent, and very talented. His tracks are well thought out, with solid material and a surprisingly polished presentation, especially for a debut album. He also has a great flow, and a very good voice. He both raps and sings on the album, and he has the pipes to back it up - in stark contrast to many Top 40 rappers who use vocoders to cover up their horrendous vocals. This blows any mainstream rap CD I've heard in the past few years (or decades) out of the water. Eon MC Etc. has managed to breathe a little life into a very played out genre, with rap that manages to be creative and thoughtful. This disc has great crossover appeal, because it is so melodic. Even if you aren't typically a hip-hop fan, you should give it a spin.

This CD channels an old school vibe and reminds me of rap from the early eighties - when rappers were more original and actually had some kind of a message other than booties and cars. Eon MC Etc. rejects the superficial gangsta rap culture and delivers thought-provoking, articulate verses that talk about things most rappers - or any songwriters, for that matter - won't touch. My favorite track on this CD is "This Ain't Livin'." He pulls no punches and delivers a track that is both very poignant and clever. I would love to see Eon MC Etc. on MTV Jams instead of the usual fare, but he delivers such honest smack-downs to corporate culture that it's unlikely we'd see this kind of revolutionary on there. But I think that's OK with him. - Indie-music.com

"A Reckonin'"


Review - "A Reckonin'":
More times than not, I try to embrace those who spark a conversation with me while on the go. Occasionally it is tough though for some; I'm not referring to those who present you with your normal "hi's" or "hello's," I am talking about those who could be standing in line with you at the post office who begin talking about random irrelevant things. Though some of these people may be humorous and entertaining, others send me into an "et cetera mind-state," where the conversation gradually goes into a "this, that, so on and so forth, etc" moment; leaving me often annoyed. Much of the hip-hop I hear has the same affect, but not Eon MC Etc's latest, A Reckonin'.

Honestly, I believe hip-hop has fallen into an "et cetera" state as well; for the most part when those outside of the genre think hip-hop, they immediately think guns, violence, bitches, money, sex, niggers etc. If it were not for my love for the culture, the music and various artists that I respect, I probably would have retired from all ventures of the game a long time ago. I probably would have stopped buying albums after my last years of high school, but due to artists like Eon and others; I have and will continue to support hip-hop until my demise.

Eon seems real; his music has depth and it is evident this emcee, poet and surprisingly singer keeps loyal to his beliefs. Its clear Eon wants to see change within hip-hop. Instead of "dumbing down" his music as so many others do, Eon stands for educating his listeners. I personally appreciate this. A Reckonin' is not just an album; it is another piece of a bigger movement. Just as in sports, it takes a team of individuals working together to bring victory, Eon through A Reckonin' has successfully showcased what team he is on and what type of victory he is looking to gain.

With a voice similar to Paris and a rhyme style influenced by the Outkast/Goodie Mob click, Eon is a versatile emcee that is destined for greatness. A Reckonin' comes complete with soulfully layered beats, intelligent rhymes, poetry and R&B vocals. Highlighted moments on this album shine through on Chip On My Shoulder, Bring The Heat and Angry Black Man.

- ScholarMan



-A Reckonin' 2007



Eon MC Etc.
born DeAndre Tinker in Lawton,OK where he also was raised.Growing up in a family of singers music was always a big influence.At the tender age of 5 he began a rap duo with his cousin(Willie Mac)They continued this until about 1994.Due to problems at home in 1998 at the age of 16 he went to live with family in Kansas City,MO.He graduated high school there and was off to New York City to study acting.At this point he almost quit rap but in the vibrant New York hip hop scene he rediscovered the love.While in New York he was a member of the United Statements,a hip hop group composed of NYC native Bamboo MC,Learic(the Aztext) of Vermont,and Adduci of North Carolina.But because of members moving to different areas the group was not able to stay together.In late 2002 he was off to Des Moines,IA where he married his college sweetheart and in 2005 off to LA where he began his independent record label”United Statements” performed in many of the premier venues,shared the stage with well known artists such as Pharoahe Monch,Raekwon(of wu-tang),Chino XL,Planet Asia,Rahzel,Supernatural,DJ JS-1,Kutmasta Kurt,and Motion Man.He Also released his first LP “A Reckonin” in late 2007.