Eos is made up of strong breakdowns, crunching guitars, intense vocal storytelling and a professional appearance.


Eos reformed in Jan.'05 to the sound of complex guitar riffs and hard-hitting breakdowns. Their vocals transform traditional storytelling into compelling truths where only the strong survive. Look for '05 to be their breakthrough year in Detroit -- with an EP release in early 2006. Based in Romeo/Warren, MI.


Ripping Me Apart

Written By: Iain Lanivich

In your eyes i can see
see the heart you've showed to me
but i don't, don't believe
it's easy to forgive the past
in my life there was a missing link that i've found
but now i can't seem to figure out
how to merge the two
it's ripping me apart

built my life so complex, hands in multiple projects
sometimes i'm so involved, priorities start to slip
i fear losing it all, but i'm confident in my mind
that i'll regain your trust, but still need a little time

i know it's not fair
to ask this dream comes true
there will be a time
my focus turns to you
if it's not soon enough
can't live to break your heart
the damage i could cause
is ripping you apart

ripping you apart
(help you, love you, hold you, trust you)

a helpless little girl
a little insecure
your confidence has grown
wishing you were here
to sit you on my lap
and look you in your eyes
and kiss you on your lips
and tell you no more lies


chorus-ext (me)

why do i always have to do the things i know not to
why can't i just be like you and live what i have wanted
sometimes i think i'm fucked up and am i really crazy
then i look at what i've done it seems to just amaze me

let me be free
dual personality
help me be you
heart always true

(help me, love me, hold me, trust me)

State of Disarray

Written By: Iain Lanivich

a ball of fire all bottled up inside
waiting to explode
a fuse has been lit
then uncontrollably it showed

BOOM state of disarray
LIFE has been put on hold
DREAMS may never occur
CRIES never heard before
PAIN felt from deep within
RAGE anger in my head
STRONG feelings of remorse
STRONG desire to repent (wish i could take it back)

no explanation for my actions
no reasons for my words
celebration on a night of glee
then something snapped inside of me

chorus (restore the love you gave to me)

see the life i didn’t see
wish I could take it back

forgiveness is no option
drove the one I love away
placed a fear inside our minds
shattered a heart that wouldn’t break

(cuz something snapped inside of me)


Big Mistake

Written By: Iain Lanivich

seen you that day, had a lot to say
one thing led to another went home to play
know we both knew, a big mistake
hope he's not mine, pray everyday

still remember first seeing you
started a new job met you on day two
scoped out all the girls, they were ok
but nothing i'd say closely matched up to you
hadn't had a cigarette in quite awhile
you were a smoke fiend
but looks and personality of course
made me say yes when you asked to smoke with me

know we both knew, a big mistake
hope he's not mine, pray everyday

so many years went by, we both went different routes
never really had forgot about, the times we had
the good, the bad, the ugly
somewhere in there you got married
everytime we met, hoped it was the last
you are my crack, addicted to your ass
one of these days we need to quit
doing all this same old shit
doing all this same old shit

know we both knew a big mistake
hope he's not mine, pray everyday
know we both knew a big mistake
hope he's not mine, pray everyday

pray everyday x 2

this time we made a big mistake (big mistake)
this time we really made a big mistake x 4


Early '06 - EP entitled "Safe with a Stranger" will feature 6-7 tracks.

Single "Ripping Me Apart" has been receiving airplay on Detroit's 101.1 WRIF, as well as other internet radio stations.

Set List

Set Time: 45+ Mins

Typical Set List:
1. State of Disarray
2. Big Mistake
3. Ripping Me Apart
4. Feeling All Alone
5. Unsatisfied Fan
6. Lost in this World
7. Bi-Polar
8. I Can Kill You
9. Safe with a Stranger
10. Kickstart My Heart (Recreated cover)