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The best kept secret in music


"Independents Day"

From the Tri-State area comes the trio of Big Zoo, Prolific Wone and Vice Verses who make up the team End Of the Weak on E.O.W., LLC Records (James Calhoun @ 347.277.5329). Their 17 track opus Definition is complete with dark instrumentals and hyper lyrics. Some of the flavor includes "Black Ops" and "Power" so take a listen. - The Source

"Art's Conscience"

Before we get to the bad news (live music venues closing left and right), you should turn your attention to Knitting Factory (74 Leonard St., betw. B'way & Church St., 219-3006) this Wednesday Aug. 8. That's when the club, traditionally home to post-punk nerd noise acts, hosts DiverseCity, one of the summer's biggest hiphop parties. Sponsored by End Of The Weak, the only New York rap promoters who ahve their act together (as in, they field phone calls and return them), DiverseCity is bringing in local crews Solid Ground, Headknotic Expereince, Introduction 2 Insanity and High Society for a night of friendly competition.
"What those four groups basically represnet is the true underground MCs who are still doing things on an underground scale," says Prolific, a member of Introduction 2 Insanity. "There are a loit of people who call themselves underground but are still making a lot of money selling records. These are some of the artists who are putting out records for the love of the culture. What you really have are just the hungriest groups out there all trying to move somewhere under on name, which is End Of the Weak."
End Of the Weak (a promotion company, not a crew - you have to keep it straight) has been doing hiphop shows on the Lower East Side for a year. They started out at the Spital (now Abaya, 244 Houston St, betw. Aves. A & B, 777-7467), moved to Baby Jupiter (now defunct) and recently settled in at Pyramid Club (101 Ave. A, betw 6th & 7th Sts., 473-7184), where the host an open-mic rap night every Sunday at 10 p.m.
Along the way, End Of the Weak was assisted by a local DJ named Joey Ty, a networker who got them in at the Spiral and helped ou on the business end of things until he was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. Joey's wake was held two weeks ago. "If he didnt get involved, I don't think we would be where we are now," says Prolific.
The night at Knitting Factory begins at 10:30 p.m., costs $12 and lasts until everyone is beat. Prolific and the rest of the End Of the Weak guys are happy to have found a midsize venue for their shows, even though it isn't traditionally hiiphop and it isn't on the newly gentrified Lower East Side.
"That whole neighborhood has two bars on every corner now, and you can't walk anywhere at night without drunk people acting the fool," says Prolific. "I remember back in 1992 when they had those Tompkins Square riots and it was all 'Die yuppie scum,' and now it's all yuppies." - New York Press

"The Forgotten"

...Sunday April 14th isn't one of those evenings. Tonight he will ride the D train to the End Of The Weak, and open mic night that goes down every Sunday at New York's Baby Jupiter, a Lower East Side restaurant-performance space. The club recently lost its liquor license, which only adds to the event's street-corner cipher authenticity. Among the hungry unsigned artists who frequent the End Of The Weak, Breez is a star, and the two tables occupied by Stronghold are flooded with well-wishers. But while many of them are too large to pay the $5 entrance fee, fea are able to afford his CD. - XXL

"Restoring The Spirit of Hip-Hop"

End Of The Weak - Shining light into the underground every week since the summer of 2000 at NYC's Baby Jupiter. Three MCs control the pulse of this open mic, each with distinctive styles:
Big Zoo - A 5th grade teacher by day, a stabilizing force of the EOW night, whose intelligence is evident in the consciousness of his lyrics.
Vice Verses - A Master of drop-ins, controlling the mic with a charisma that ignites the crowd through mind-melting subliminal lyrics.
Prolific Wone - An MC/soldier with powerful delivery enhanced by a comfortable stage presnce, commanding attention by spittung non-stop revolutionary freestyles.
DJ Scram Jones back the trio wielding a bottomless crate of instrumentals as he swiftly matches beats to MCs. As the triple threat, he also shocks the mic with metaphors and produces tracks for his fam.

EOW's Open-Mic Summer Season features the newest type of hip-hop competition: the MC Challenge. Instead of forcing MCs to battle, they compete in 5 categories: Written Verse, Acapellas, Freestyles, Beat Juggling and Cypha Skills. Judges rate talents such as Stage Presence, Crowd Reaction, Lyrics and Delivery.

New doors have begun to open for EOW artists: as the crew bubbles in the underground, their roster of sharp lyricists is raising eyebrows throughout the industry. Because of the growth and the momentum of the event, End Of The Weak will be expanding to its new location this summer at Club Pyramid (101 Ave. A, bet 6st & 7st). - Yellow Rat Bastard

"Open mic night brings real hip-hop back to the fans"

New York City is, undoubtedly, the mecca of hip-hop. The sound was born and raised here, and the majority of well-known artists are natives to the metropolitan area. Yet in a town that boasts more MCs per capita than anywhere else in the world, there are suprisingly few venues for aspiring artists to showcase their talents. That began to change, however, when three "crews" joined forces last summer to start a weekly open mic night called "The End Of The Weak" (EOW) at the Lower East Side restaurant Baby Jupiter. Now, nearly eight months later, it is the premier open mic in the city.

Held every Sunday night,from 10pm-12:30am, EOW offers anybody the opportunity to rock the mic and show what they have. Sound like the standard open mic procedure? Well, not quite. EOW offers a few things that can't be found anywhere else - first off, the hosts: Big Zoo, Vice Verses and Prolific. These cats are not just hosts, they're real MCs, and they are quick to remindyou with impromptu freestyles of their own between acts. Second, DJ Scram Jones spins the wheels and provides the MCs with a masterful array of beats, scratches and beatboxes. If you're lucky, you might even catch him leaving the DJ booth to grab the mic on stage. Occasionally, there is even a live band such as Number 19, to play back-up as well.

EOW also likes to switch up the format every once in a while. More established groups are often brough in to do a full set to close out the show, and they are abou to introduce the EOW MC challenges. This is a pentathlon of events that test the true skills of MCs, in categories such as written verse, word association, a cappella, freestyle and beat juggling. Competitors will battle it out in front of a panel of judges comprised of music industry executives.

Another stand-out at EOW is the crowd. The place is packed, and most people just come to watch. Approximately only 30 percent of those in attendance actaully come to perform. This is more than an open mic - this is a mini-concert. - New York Amsterdam News


Jess Jamez - Solo Album '08
Solid Ground - Group Album '07
i2i - Group Album '07
3 Kings - Group Album '06
Webbafied, GeoGraphix - Solo Album '04
Definition - Compilation Album '03
Black Ops - Single '03
Webbafied, DemoGraphix - Solo Album '02
Special Forces - Compilation Album '02

EOW MC Challenge - Concert DVD (France) '06
Neo-Genesis - Behind the Scenes DVD (US) '04

WebbaFied - Black N White
WebbaFied - Comp La Nation
WebbaFied - Does it Justice
Jess Jamez - Jesstrumentals Vol 1 - '08
Jess Jamez - Another 30 Days - '07
Jess Jamez - Jesstrumentals Vol 0 - '07
Jess Jamez - 30 Days - '07
End Of the Weak - Dubs - '07
End Of the Weak - Seven - '07
End Of the Weak - Summertime Shine, Mixtape Vol.3 - '06
End Of the Weak - Animal, Mixtape Vol. 2- '05
End Of the Weak - Mixtape Vol .1 - '04


Feeling a bit camera shy


End Of the Weak (EODub) is a movement towards improvement in Hip-Hop Music. Founded by the late DJ Joey Ty in the year 2000, EODub has now expanded from the US to the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Argentina.

With plans to open branches in Africa, Asia and Australia over the next 2 years, EODub has become a true pillar of the global hip-hop culture.

EODub releases numerous mixtapes, compilation albums, solo and group projects each year:
3 Kings - Winner of the 2006 Independent Music Award for Best Hip-Hop Album
WebbaFied - Numerous solo releases
i2i & Solid Ground - Debut album's from 2 crews that make up EODub's founding fathers
Svengali Bros - Iron Solomon teams up with Vanguard for the next step in the career of this Battle Legend

EODub also organizes some of the most influential hip-hop events around the world, including:

Open-Mics - NYC's longest-running weekly open-mic was founded by EODub

MC Challenge - The evolution of the MC Battle, now held monthly in many different languages in countries around the globe; a pentathlon that tests all aspects of a well rounded MC