“Eowyn's performance is mesmerizing and entertaining! With her ministry, personality, music, and life, she is reaching the truly lost of the world. ~ Seth Holloway Least of These Promotions


From her hypnotic vocals, to her melodic lyrics, to her commanding stage presence, Eowyn is one Independent ARTIST you won't forget.

Though truly called an independent artist it is hard to see her as such with the amount of industry success she has already had. In the past year this artist makes it difficult for you to see her as anything but a proven national artist.

Eowyns radio success is just the beginning. She has had radio play in over 200 cities and has had two Top Twenty National Christian rock singles on the R&R charts. Her first single Take Me Away ranked at number ..18 and her second single Hold Me went up to ..15.

Eowyn has also has had extensive touring experience playing in numerous small and large venues including festivals, bars, youth gatherings and arenas. She has shared the stage with some of the biggest artists in the Christian industry including Krystal Meyers, Petra, Staple, Tait and others. She has toured throughout the U.S from California to Florida showing no signs of stopping.

With two full-length albums under belt and a third album in the works Eowyn continues to amaze her listeners with honest lyrics and hard hitting vocals. Nashvilles Embassy Music took notice of this and awarded her Grand Prize winning songwriter for her song Break Free. She also caught the attention of some of the top producers in the industry including veterans Kevan Cyka (Lifehouse, R.E.M., Hillary Duff), Dan Needham (Stacie Orrico, Steven Curtis Chapman) and Matt Bronleewee (Plum, Joy Williams).

Despite any success or setbacks Eowyn has encountered, this independent artist continues to push toward her ultimate goal of reaching both the lost and the saved. Her passion for sharing the love of God is evident in each and every performance. Eowyn sums it up best in her online journal when writing I may be an independent artist, but I am not independent from God.


Eowyn’s encounter with the Lord began at the age of four. She asked her mother a simple question that would change her life forever. She wanted to know when she could ask Jesus into her heart. In hearing her father and mother talking to other people about committing their lives to Christ, Eowyn wanted to do the same. Her mother explained to her what accepting Jesus actually meant and they knelt down at her bedside and prayed the prayer of salvation together. This began her life-long journey of faith.

Raised in a home that placed God at its center, she still met many challenges in relationships and school settings. God began to place a desire within her young heart to tell people about Jesus. As a first-grader, she came home from school one day and told her mother that she had told Nathan about Jesus. Her Mom asked, “What did he say?” Eowyn answered, “Let me up!” She had been telling a young boy on the playground about her Lord and he kept spitting. Because of that, her twin 7 year old girlfriends held him down on the ground so that she could finish “evangelizing.” Six years later as she was joining her parents in witnessing at the local mall, now 13 year old Nathan saw her and laughing, held up his hands. “She isn’t going to hold me down again, is she?” Ah – what an impression God had made on this young man’s heart!

At the age of six, Eowyn began her singing “career” at her local church in Kentucky. By God’s grace, He has taken her from one singing/ministry experience to another. She has been blessed to sing throughout the nation in churches, Campus Crusade for Christ, festivals, television and radio programs as well as winning various talent searches. She wrote and recorded the music and lyrics to her Grand Prize winning song, “Break Free,” with Embassy Music’s ultimate talent search. While in college, she was blessed to be the worship leader of her local church in Auburn, Alabama. She and her husband currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee where she is releasing her third CD, “Identity.”


The Lord has called Eowyn into full-time music ministry. Her vision is always first and foremost to lift up the name of Jesus Christ. She has seen firsthand his awesomeness and faithfulness and desires to convey this message through her testimony and song. God has placed an urgency within her to reach the youth of America and the world. Because her heart breaks for them as they struggle to find their identities and places in the world, the songs she writes are intended to give them hope and direction toward the One that she knows is the answer to all things. God uses her cutting edge rock music to reach across the barrier between the world and the things of God. After capturing their attention through her music and voice, she is able to share the victory that is theirs in Jesus Christ.


"Locked Away"

Written By: Lyrics and melody: Eowyn

Verse 1: Look past all I’ve been before, I’m longing, pleading for so much more. Do you see me on this cliff afraid? Waiting, praying, come and take away the pain?

Chorus: Locked away in these chains I need to find myself.
Trust today I will fade if I don’t find myself. Without you I’ve morphed into a lesser me. Don’t you see, all I need is You to find myself!

Verse 2: Set back clocks of wounded times. I’m grasping, begging for one more try.
Do you see the possibilities?
Take me, break me, mold this new found me.

Bridge: Locked away… Come and free me… Locked away… Come and free me. Come and free me!

Without You

Written By: Lyrics and melody: Eowyn

Verse 1: Drowned in fears that I’ve made my own.
Countless years passing by so fast.
Without you I can’t survive.
Without you my worlds collide.

Chorus: Stopped by the lies, I was lost in my life, lost in my life
Without you I died I was never alive never alive, without You.

Verse 2: Drawn in by the life I longed to live.
Losing what I needed most again.
Without you I can’t survive.

Bridge: Why’d I fight you? I cried out for truth. Why’d I fight you??


Written By: Lyrics and melody: Eowyn

Verse 1: The walls are caving in now. The worst has yet to come. I will not go silent I’ll overcome.
The time has come to rethink what I need. The time has come for freedom.
Let it ring! Now will be the day, when I will be saved.

Chorus: Escape this tragedy and find my way back to your arms again.
Escape reality and find my way back to what I long to be.

Verse 2: Though many trials face me, I will be whole again. With every step that’s taken
suffering ends. The time has come to finish what began. The time has come for justice.
Understand, now will be the day, when I will be changed

Bridge: Who am I without you (Repeat)
It’s time to rise up. (Repeat)


Written By: Written by: Eowyn, Kevan Cyka, Dan Needham

Verse 1: Here I am alone again. Down and out I just can’t win. Contemplating all I’ve seen. Push the past in front of me. Build an alter burn what used to be consuming me. No more questioning over here. No more giving in to all my fears.

Chorus: Save all I am and take me where I stand. I’m ready to live.
Break down these walls and make me what you want.
You’re the cure to all that ails me.
You’re the one I need, you’re the Remedy.

Verse 2: Like the calm before the storm, like the pause before the war I am troubled deep within. Voices speak without a name, makes me question am I sane to think I’m on the brink. No more questioning over here. No more giving in to all my fears.

Bridge: Here I am. Save me!
No more questioning over here. No more giving in to all my fears


2006 "Identity" album releases April 25
2004 "Shattered Illusions" album
1999 "One More Chance" album

Eowyn’s 1’st rock single “Take Me Away”
*Went to # 18 ON National R&R Christian Rock Chart
*Lasted14 WEEKS ON R&R Charts
*# 20 on Christian Beats Rock Chart
*# 8 on Christian Beats Alternative
*# 59 on ACME Airplay Top 100
*# 40 on ACME Top 50 Internet Singles
*Listed in the top songs of the year by Trueliferadio.com

Eowyn’s 2’nd rock single “Hold Me”
*Went to # 15 on National R&R Christian Rock Chart
*# 18 on ACMJ Rock
*# 41 on ACMJ Cool 100

*Eowyn’s single “Remedy” was chosen to be used in REVELATIONX; an extreme sports film done by Wisconsin based Nitrolife Films.
“Remedy was also featured in a clip done by California based Current TV.

*Eowyn’s music has spun on 200 plus stations across the U.S. and Canada.

Set List

Eowyn's set list is approximately 45 min. to an hour. Her stage performance along with her band is very energetic and theatrical!

Eowyn's typical set includes the following songs:
Hold Me
Draw Me
You Saw Me
Without You
Take Me Away
Locked Away

*Eowyn can also share her testimony when asked.

" Eowyn, was recently at our youth festival and rocked the stage. Not only can Eowyn hold her own against any artist out their, but what we all appreciated that day was Eowyn’s heart. She was sincere and shared real life experiences to this generation. She patiently stayed after the festival to greet every fan and onlooker that hot July day which showed me she is in this for the "right reason" Loving GOD and Loving PEOPLE.....
We want EOWYN back, no doubt about it!”
~KC Wright
Lake of the Ozarks, MO.
Air personality/producer for the www.pulsechannel.org