Haunting,intoxicating, humane. There is lots of room to breathe, take a full breath,dirty your hands,taste the air, feel your heart beating hard,there aren`t always happy endings,its a walk up the hill to catch the sun... Feeling warm yet?


The music I play is basically...whatever makes my hair stand up and my heart beat outside of my body.
NothingsĀ better than the live thing.The studio recordings (which I do on Garageband) are not bad and one gets the jest of what the atmosphere is about.
The songs,riffs,lyrics come to me in unexpected ways. It could be on a peaceful night or onthe worst of days. I feel that the songs i write have a powerful body,glue lyrically and melodically, and are the times of our lives as we speak.
All songs are the copyright of epaiseurse.



Written By: marius klapacz

you tied away
the sunny skies
above the highest
mountain tops
you dig the grave
your diamond heart
are on the preachers lot

deadly gods
from last week
holding me
lying knowledge
tears the limbs apart
keeps it tidy
after dark

i did enough
for a very long time
i listened to the
accurate minds
i heard the blahs
and i heard the blues
ground weeps
and the flowers bloom

bell rings
the city`s on fire
brothers drinking
angels crying
dead or alive
all your precious dreams
will be out there
like the dirt on the streets

i bet your wings
of butterflies
wenches and the
natural lies
it seems to take
take alot
to the furthest
of themselves


Singles: seabreeze, allowme,freedom, mute, disconnected, adhesive lime,red, its ok1, blue, rola, see television, reset policy, squeek/squeek, green/yellow, wholesome love, stand by me, time won`t give me time, say, wake up when he loves you, out of anything, i be, boy/girl.

Set List

I perform my own material,because unfortunately I don`t think I do a good job playing someone elses stuff. Why sound like a broken record?
The time limit depends on the gig, from 15min up to an hour or more if the "night" allows.