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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Murph Dawg 95.5 The Beat ATL"

Music is beginning to transition and EPDMK is THE sound that it is heading towards. These boys are FOR REAL!!!

Murph Dawg - Morning show host - 95.5 The Beat - Atlanta. - Murph Dawg

"True Entertainment!!!!"

AS you have read I am simply on a mission to find the music, again. I have been looking around the normal spots, L.A., New York, TN, and even Los Vegas but thanks to a friend I went closer home, so close I never left the state.

After two shows back to back I was very happy to see the group EPDMK again last evening at Wild Wing in Anderson, SC. I have had many questions after the first show because I was told there was in fact the third member Russell Rockwell (Rock) who was not their but Rock was in full force last night and the group was even better than I had seen the first time.

Entertainment is the key and this group is just that. After speaking with some of you during and after the show I came to the realization that, though EPDMK is a great musical talent as a group each of them hold down individual jobs to support their families during the day. In fact the group had a show on the other side of Columbia ( benefit for diabetic association) just the night before and arrived back home around 3:00 am . Each of them went to their jobs and then came to wild wing to play past mid-night!

The group had said they were doing two more songs and then they were out and thanked everyone for coming but after the two songs as I had started toward the door, with the dance floor slammed, Butch Gibson told the booth to que up another, then another, and another.

ENTERTAINMENT! Knowing that they must get up and go on to do their daily routine early the group stayed for the FANS and there was more of them by the end of the show than when the group started.

Wild Wing was divided by the bar with maybe a 60/40 split with the 40% being near the stage. After an hour in I looked up as the sound booth was having some technical problems to see the split more like 90/10 and the 90% was near the stage.

I spoke with several of you who follow the group but it was great to hear the 6 people that I spoke with that never even heard the group, did not know they were coming, and yes did not like hip-hop.

Why? plainly put by one gentleman of the party Ronnie Carswell, "I don't care for hip-hop, it's not my thing and most white guys that are doing it are trying to be something they are not (African American). But these guys are fun and I like this. Ok, maybe I won't run all over as some fans do just to see them but I am a huge Tim Mcgraw fan and I don't do it for him either." " I would like to have a Cd and I will check them out on myspace."

Entertainment for a young man that is a country fan but stayed to the end of the show! My hat goes off to the group for putting their fans first and involving everyone in Wild Wings in their fun. I thank everyone who took the time to speak with me and stay tuned to get more about EPDMK as we get it and of course other groups as well.

Music Cruiser
- Music Cruiser


From Struggle 2 Glory - Upcoming Release
Champion Single - Featured on MTV's "Two a days".
Various Production for mainstream artists.



The creative force and passion of one of America’s hottest groups to emerge out of the South is now on the mission to bring real life back to music and cultural expression.

EPDMK has broken out of the quarantine of the status quo. Their music is contagious. “From Struggle 2 Glory” breaks forth with the lyrical triumph of three multi-talented artists from South Carolina who know what it means to overcome adversity by daring to spit the truth about the power of music and the oneness of humanity.

To feel EPDMK is to experience the staccato madness of a beat that rivets the mind, body and soul. EPDMK transcends the limited boundaries of traditional and contemporary genres. It is hip-hop at its highest evolutionary level that cross reverberates with pop, rock and R&B.

The real-life storylines in "From Struggle 2 Glory" are penetratingly relevant to all who hunger and thirst for the uplift of music that sustains. Beyond what is known as a "rags to riches" journey, EPDMK's pursuit of perfection in their premiere album presents the listener with an insightful maturity combined with the simplicity of raw genius.

Strongly influenced by the iconic Dr.Dre, EPDMK's producer, Russell Rockwell is a consummate lyricist and songwriter who has produced for a number of main-stream artists (Lil’ Flip, Nivea, 8Ball). He is considered to be one of the hottest up and coming producers in the industry.

Adrian Lee is EPDMK's focused and passionate vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and lyricist that has carved his path as one of the most versatile artists to emerge from the South. He has worked with Grammy winning producers, charted in the top 30 on Radio and Records National Charts, and performed countless shows across the U.S.

Butch Gibson, is a pop-driven songwriter as well as one of the most talented vocalist to ever stand in front of a microphone. He has won National competitions and performed with everyone from Yolanda Adams and Fred Hammond to Jagged Edge, Lil Jon and Lyfe Jennings.

All three believe in achieving their dreams of worldwide success while preserving the importance of “family” and displaying humility in their everyday lives. They are united and bonded together by the mutual desire to touch people with the reality of their music. And that reality is…. The world can’t escape this EPDMK.