Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Dedication & Inspiration delivered with Aggression & Determination without Hesitation! All emotions of reality mixed through lyrics and poetry.


Ephect (pronounced as Effect) been into the music world for over 10 years. Writing lyrics, Producing beats and songs and CEO of the independent label New Method Productions, llc (www.NewMethodProductions.com) Ephect describes his lyrical style as inspirational, aggressive, emotional and the truth. Writing with drive and ambition, Ephect still creates music for a party/club atmosphere as well. He believes in trying to reach his fans in all different race, age, sex and areas. With deep thoughts and a passion for the music and the business, Ephect plans to be heard all over the world and try to "Ephect the World"... more info coming!!!


Ephect - Facing The Truth (album) - released 2007
Now Available on iTunes & Amazon

Ephect - DRIVE 101 EP - Coming soon!!!