Ephraim Getahun

Ephraim Getahun

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I am an artist trying to reach new heights in music. My focuses are in R&B and Hip Hop, but I'm writing tracks right now in rock, country, and soul. I want to broaden my horizons; not be limited in my musical aspirations.


My name is Ephraim Getahun, and I am the first person in my family (nuclear and extended) to be born in America. My family is original from Ethiopia, and grown up understanding the despair of third world countries. I am greatly influenced by traditional Ethiopian music, and derive some of my music from it. I am unique from any other musician solely on my ability to write very unique songs do to my background, and how I grew up. My songs don't only deal with what mainstream pop music writes about. A lot of music is deep, and you really have to listen to the words to understand the true meaning of the song; I am a true lyricist.


The Peak of Deliciousity EP Album

Set List

"Answers to Everything"
"Clockwork Orren"
"Under the Sea"
"I Want You"
"Peak of Deliciousity"
"Here We Are"

My sets are about an hour long, give or take 10 minutes.

I also do covers. I do a cover by The Scientist by Coldplay, Embrace the Martian by Kid Cudi, and Birthday Sex by Jerimih