Seattle, Washington, USA

Lush three and four part harmonies over layers of instrumentation that seems bigger than the sum of the parts. Dream pop and shoegaze mixed together with a dash of Spector-style dynamic and a pinch of Pink Floyd.


Ephrata has been around since 2013 and their focus is making things dreamy. This dreaminess may come in the form of jangly pop numbers or swelling waves of reverbed out four-part harmony. The band utilizes their various individual expertise and equipment to produce all of the Ephrata recordings, videos, website, fliers and merchandise on their own and generally has a crazy work ethic.

Ephrata has been growing for the past couple years and they have played with bands like Yuck, The Dutchess And The Duke, Frankie Rose, Russian Red, Jacco Gardner, La Luz, Snowmine and others.

Favorite things: cookies, donuts, horses, dumb jokes, laughing, the wind in our hair as we crush our enemies.

"This is the kind of music that people actually leave their homes to go see because it feels so good to be in a room completely full of those sounds."