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I got this album about a week ago and it's been a blessing to me. I love what your doing EPIC! I've been playing your CD so much that my wife has been saying EPIC CENTER out of nowhere! Keep it up for the Lord.


"It's a classic hands down"

I listened to the Cd and I must say that it's a classic. The beats are off the hook,lyrics are on point and the whole Cd tells a story (you can understand). Skits are funny and have a point, man the Cd's is just off the hook. I must say I didn't even get tierd of hearing his voice like I do with some other emcees. It's sad that a talent like this is not signed to a major, I'm just glad to know that when he blows I can say I was one of the first to hear him.
- Jamal B.

"EPIC- Touched by the hand of God with talent."

I feel this music, as a mother of a lost young man that is a man being pulled by strings. I do not just hear this message but feel it as it hits my heart, mind, and soul. Soar on!!

- CB Meador

"I loved the Cd!!!"

I was just surfing Cd baby like I always do when I ran into this Cd. I must say Epic you out done yourself, this Cd is one of the best Holy hip hop Cd's I have heard. It actually stands up to a lot of the main rappers (Kanye West, Common, Etc.) projects too. I just wanted to leave you a note, keep doin' what your doin' and I'll keep buyin'.
- Rich T.


Singles: The First
I'm Back
Livin' Enough
Singles: Sports, Entertainment or the Streets
Like It!

Cd's Done:
Sports, Entertainment or the Streets
Epicenter Mixtape Vol 1
The First
The Second Coming of Hip Hop (with Elle ROC & Big UNC)
The 79 Project

Several tracks from each project have received streaming and radio airplay.



Born in Oakland and raised in Los Angeles, California, Epic had been in various rap groups before settling into a solo career. In the beginning he never had the desire to rap. In the early years his gift was writing. He would write short stories and scripts for movies and plays. A shy child, Epic would find peace in writing, but God had an entirely different plan for his life. During his early teenage years his brother formed a rap group called Divine Quest. The group at that time consisted of Epic's brother and a friend. His brother felt that the group needed a third member. With some encouragement from his mother, Epic joined the fold. Little did they know this arrangement would birth a great desire in Epic to master the craft.
After the group ended, Epic went solo doing his own music, ministering at various churches and talent shows. As he gained attention from peers and grew more confident, he decided to hook up with five other emcees and the group '79' was born. Though they were unheard of by the mainstream, '79' was successful, selling over 6000 copies with no marketing or promotional backing. Through the experience Epic began to see a bigger picture of how a person that believes in something greater than themselves could make an impact. Traveling from New York to Texas, Virginia to Arizona, Epic's vision grew. Epic had found God's divine purpose for his life. Now as CEO of his own company, Epicenter Entertainment, Epic is reaching far beyond what that shy little boy ever thought possible. His first solo project entitled "The First", has sold over 3000 copies and has made the top ten on various Hip hop radio charts. Epic's vision to bring the lost into the
knowledge of our Lord and savior, while showing the church that you can truly be yourself in Him, is manifesting right before his eyes. But he doesn’t stop there. He pushes himself to do so in a fashion that challenges and rivals mainstream music. He strives for prosperity, Platinum plagues, Grammies, and supreme status in the game. So God can get the glory. In moving forward, Epic and Epicenter Entertainment are producing the Epicenter Mix CD Vol. Series. These CDs will not only showcases Epic, but introduce various acts soon to be released. Epic has finally put together his sophomore project "Sports Entertainment or The Streets", which is scheduled for release June 30th. Living in the heart of South Central LA, Epic gives a raw but inspirational view of street life's struggles and triumphs. This CDs main focus is to bridge the gap between the streets and the church. Epic sheds light on some of our culture's growing problems through songs like; The Grind, Ya'll don't hear me & Under the gun. Tracks like, “Worth”, uplift and minister, while songs like the single “Like it!”, and “Epicenter Anthem 2”, blaze mics and move the crowd. And, “In Tune”, is a song for the ladies. The CD is packed with cameos from some of Epic's favorites, Terry Bolen, formerly from spiritual Pieces, Austin, Izova, Monique, and Ed Holmgreen (on guitar). With production from The Artifact, and Terry Bolen for New walk, this CD is sure to raise the standard of hip hop music today.