Beckley, West Virginia, USA

Being more than a title, Epic's mission is to transcend personal and social restrictions. It is to defy culture-wide expectations and limitations through musical action and sincerity. A goal to genuinely be...



Epic is a three piece rock band that applies thier unique sound and sonic approach to every song it performs, rehearses, and records.

The anchor is drummer Shawn Wells. He is the winner of a national drumming competition sponsored by 'Modern Drummer' magazine, and has deservedly been featured in local newspaper articles concerning his inspiring talent and musical background.

The vocalist and guitarist for Epic is Chris Bailey, who is previously known for his solo artistry. His voice is recognizable by it's unique delivery. He also weaves his web of prescence in Epic's sound through the use of subtle, smooth, burning instrumental distortion.

Generating a low, consistent, and unyielding array of sound, Mark Gunnoe heads up bass for Epic. His heavy blues-influenced style helps develop the unique groove on audio display.