We are an Alt. Rock band who loves to play music with an epic live show. We've been together since August of 06, We're in Highschool and looking to make it big.


Our music is very diverse then most, we try to display what music actually is and not become sellouts like the emo genre has done, all of our songs, we aim for something different so it doesn't all sound the same, cause who wants to hear that? We are influenced by Dispatch, Incubus, Bob Marley, Sate Radio and The Beatles. We've been rockin it since August of 06 and are in highschool as juniors now and looking to go somewhere after.


We released our first demo in September of 06 with the three songs
Rescue Me
Live and You Learn
Sink or Swim (Acoustic)
(Recorded at Attic Sound Studio, Franklin Ma)

We released a single "Time" in December of 06 Recorded at Sound in the Hall Studio, Franklin Ma

Looking to record an ep this winter/early spring and we've haven't had any radio play but will be sending out for it after our ep is complete.

Set List

We dont do any covers, they are all originals but our normal set list is...
1.Rescue Me
3.Sink or Swim
4.As We Go
5.Let Go
6. 5.0.8.
7.This Time Around
8.Wake up
9.Live and You Learn

Our sets usually run 30-45 minutes not exactly in that order but those are the main songs.