Epidemic is an Israeli metal band that infuses the best of many metal subgenres from Thrash metal to Death metal and many others. We have been roaming around the Israeli scene, putting out concerts and demo's and working on their music as hard as anyone can.


John Segal met Erz Simon in 2001 and together with two friends, Joseph Everjill and Wolf Kash they formed a metal band and named it "Epidemic".
The band switched line-ups several times, Joseph had joined the army and left after a year, regrouped with rest and today the band is in it's original line-up, and recorded two Studio demo albums in the last two years.
In 2005 they recorded their first demo "Evil against Evil" including six songs, and two more tracks (intro and outro) by the band's drummer, Simon. The demo was recorded and produced by Alex Kashirin, and manager of the band at the time.
After they released the demo, they took a short break for writing new material in 2006 they released another studio demo, "Earth Penitentiary" Recorded at "Studio Bagalil" By Haggy Bar. A song from the demo, "Six years old" is featured in a compilation "Israel Unleashed: The Best Rock And Metal From The Holy Land" came out from Jewish Music Group (JMG).
In Dec06' the band recorded a new single, "The Man That Kills Himself ". This year, a song from their first demo "Then" was Re-recorded for an Israeli metal compilation, which is coming out on Raven Music in 2008.



Written By: Jonathan Segal

Your blood is running fast,
Your mind is out of thoughts,
Your heart starts to drum.
Come inside to die!!!
The train of death is here,
You must go and die!
If god does exist, where is he now?

The holocaust!
The holocaust!
The holocaust!
Where were you then?

The holy book,
The holy shit,
The holy god
Didn't help us then!

They have killed women, they have killed babies,
They have killed your people!
Where were you then?!

Six million had died then,
No one really knows why,
But when we've prayed to god…he just let us die.

The holocaust!
The holocaust!
The holocaust!
Where were you then?

The holy book,
The holy shit,
The holy god
Didn't help us then!
Didn't help us then!
Didn't help us then!
You didn't help us then!
You didn't help us…then!!!

This song is about the question "where was god during the holocaust"


Written By: Jonathan Segal

I'm very afraid; I am going to die, very soon.
How could I live, in carcinoma's doom?

No!!! This could not be happening!
This shit isn't real...
All I can do is cry,
Nothing will help me I will die.

Some body help me, I need a cure.
I don’t want to die, but I will for sure.

Die!! Carcinoma!!
Why!! Carsinoma in my head!!
Die!! Carcinoma!
Why! I will wind up dead!

This song was inspired by the death of Chuck Schuldiner
and Jonathan's grandfather. Both of them died of brain cancer .


Written By: Jonathan Segal

Only six years old.
Its Halloween night,
He took a knife in his hand.
-Up to his sister's room.
Sanity is an invisible line,
You can always cross it.
But once you did…you can never go back!

Addicted to death,
Holding a knife,
Never talk again,
Destroy your life!!!

He will come back…again.

This song is about the original & first: '' Halloween'' movie


Written By: Jonathan Segal

This is not a love song…but we like it anyway.

Face to face with our enemies,
To prove who is ''Bader''!
We fight to survive, we kill to protect,
We even scared the weather.

We died for what?
We die for whom?
We die for nothing!
We die and they forget.

Fake believes, old minds,
Bad tempered! disagreement!

''Only the strong survives!''
Strong in what!?
''In lies''!
Only the strong survives?!
Strong in what!?
Its lies…

Side by side or face to face!

This song is a protest against war and corruption.


Written By: Jonathan Segal

They are all in your mind.
You know that they don't care!
You still look for help.
So you decide to cut your hair!

But, when you cut your feelings, then they cut your balls.
But, when you cut your feelings, then they cut…

The man that kills himself,
-Is too dead to live the truth.
The man that kills himself,
Will have to die to be able to live,
The man that kills himself,
Is too dead to live the truth,
The man that kills himself,
Will have to lie to be able to live again!-


Surrounded with fear, empty of joy,
-A king of denial, a joke of the boys.

This song talks about people that take the wrong roads, people that suffer everyday and make others suffer.


Evil Against Evil (2005) - Demo
Earth Penitentiary (2006) - EP
The Man That Kills Himself (2006) - Single
Then (2007) - Single

Set List

Evil Against Evil
No Games
The Mirror
Six Year Old
For What?
Earth Penitentiary
The Man That Kills Himself