Epileptic Hero

Epileptic Hero


Unique melodies and vocals that will stick in your head with an outrageous frontline of riffs and beats that will stir a frenzy, and leave you yearning for more!


Fresh off last summers Vans Warped Tour (and all ready for 2007 Warped tour) We have sacrificed the security of our cars, jobs, and school in order to live out of our van and trailer while we endlessly travel everywhere to spread our melodic message. We believe with all our hearts that this is the right thing to do. This belief has gotten 'Bofunk' from the Ataris to become our manager, Damien from Eddy Numbskull Productions to be our tour manager, and for Bells On records to release us on a compilation CD in Japan. The chemistry of identical twins Seth and Warren Scott, and best friend Bret Alpers and Bray Loper, are the perfect ingredients to inspire an original sound that allows Epileptic Hero to vent high energy melodic songs about conquering everyday life and love. Epileptic Hero has a stage charisma and presence that is unforgettable .

Three young lads from a small town outside of Santa Barbara, California met in high school and found that they shared both a bizzare sense of humor and similar musical interests (Lagwagon, No Use For a Name, Strung Out, Foo Fighters, Thrice, and The Mad Caddies). As their band was forming, a good friend had an amazing experience. This friend saved another guy's life in a serious car accident while in the middle of an epileptic seizure. The guys viewed this as a herioc event and Epileptic Hero became the name of their band.

Epileptic Hero's song lyrics and motives concentrate on positive energy with a subtle Christian perspective on life and decision making. Epileptic Hero's original yet universal, relatable lyrics and sounds draws a large variety of fans from every neighborhood. Fans are the most imortant thing, and we want our fans to be our friends on a personal level more than anything. After spending two summers touring on the '05 and '06 Vans Warped Tour, SXSW and NXNE festival performances, being released on two compilation CDs in Japan, and self releasing the recent "Loaded Gun Love", we are going for broke and you can expect to see us in your bingo hall sooooooooooon!!


Currently recording a summer release full length, but until then.......................................................

"Hula Tunes" E.P. 2004

3 song demo(high school days)

Set List

Our set is anywhere from 45 min to an hour, and we play all original songs with one cover song by "Ween- Its gonna be a long night"