Los Angeles, California, USA
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For the last five years a teenager has been hard at work preparing himself to make his mark on the hip-hop world! Today that Young Man is bursting onto the scene with the hunger of a caged animal that has been carefully calculating his escape from captivity and is ready to devour anything that stands in his way. From his bedroom studio to the stages of Los Angeles, Episode (Jevonte Johnson) has realized a dream that few his age take the time to commit themselves to, and he’s only getting started. Whether you know him as the kid sitting next to you in class, or the artist you’ve seen and heard on the internet, Episode is determined to make sure that you never forget him. As the founder of the rap group the King of Thievez, Episode has displayed his ability to pioneer a career. As the founder of the entertainment company Handful of Money Entertainment, he has displayed his ability to pioneer a movement! Over the 2 last year he and his group/entertainment company co-founder Loonatic, have performed in numerous venues across Los Angeles County and have set the stage for artists like Jayo Felony, Tay F3rd, Y.G, Compton Menace, Hot Dollar.... jus to name a few. Episode and Loonatic have been featured in recording industry showcases hosted by representatives from industry giants, Konvict Music and Interscope Records. His group, the King of Thievez, has been featured on various college radio shows and internet sites and will soon make their way onto the local cable network. He has released two solo mixtapes “Mixdrip” and “Im On vol.1”, and is currently working on his next two. With no budget, no major label and no well known artist to cosign him, Episode is proving that he is a force to be reckoned with and that there is nothing that a hustler can’t do.


MiXDRiP vol.1 - 2008
LiSTEN TO MY DEMO vol. 1 - 2009 - King Of Thievez
IM ON vol.1 - 2010