The Word like you've never heard it before! I use the gift God has given me to spit 'nothing nut the Word' of God. You've heard Holy Hip Hop & Christian rap before....but not like this!


I am married to my lovely Queen, Shalonda and we have four children: Kris II, Kamreon, Nate, and Sara. We currently reside in Alaska and yes it gets cold, but God is yet faithful. Musically, you can say that I fly solo , but that is not entirely the case. The Holy Ghost gives me the lyrics and I simply write what He gives. I have been rapping for roughly two years now and I thoroughly enjoy letting God use me in this way. As far as lyrical content goes, my Father & Mother (Pastors Roosevelt & Henrine Gray) teach a quality, deep Word from God and that comes across in my lyrics. Never do I want to be mistaken as cocky or egocentric; I just believe that God has given me a special gift and a unique way of presenting His Word to the people. I know, you've heard Christian Rap before; but NOT LIKE THIS!!!!!!!


Currently I have no disks to date.


Set List

'Warrior Praise' (Exhortation to Praise)
'Arms of the Flesh' (Illustrates that we must trust in God, not ourselves)
'Eagle Sons' (Exhortation to allow God to do His perfect work in us)
'I Don't Know Why' (Testimony of how God brings us out)
'Rise Up!' (Admonishment to rise to the High Calling in Christ Jesus)
'Can't Stop' (Demonstrates that we must press through our failures)
'Please You' featuring Shiela B (Just a song that tells God of m y desire to pelase Him more than anything).
'Just Worship' featuring Luther 'G' (Just a song of Worship....like you've not heard before)
'Questions' (A narrative that reveals the battles we face within ourselves)
'Let Him Make You Free' (Chronicles a battle with lust and illustrates how only Christ can set you free)