Eplemøya Songlag

Eplemøya Songlag

 Oslo, Oslo County, NOR

The innovative trio Eplemøya Songlag is according to the critics Norway's best vocal group regardless of genre. They are moving freely in a landscape of Norwegian traditional music, jazz, and world music with a warm sense of humor, great energy and sophisticated finesse in the details.


Eplemøya Songlag ´s unique combination of one folk singer and two jazz singers performing a cappella is an innovative contribution to the world of folk music. Together, the three singers create a soundscape that enhances the special qualities and different musical backgrounds of each singer as they represent something new and fresh in the universe of norwegian folk music.
With their distinctive mixture of Norwegian folk music, improvisation, strong voices, humour and bizarre stories, Eplemøya won huge popularity with their debut album in 2010. The album recieved exclusively great critics in Norwegian presse.
In 2012 Eplemøya released their second album, showing that their music has evolved into something new. The album «The maiden and the myth» is based on Norwegian and international legends, myths and modern urban legends. The stories are presented through old and new melodies and lyrics.
The Norwegian folk tradition is at the heart of their music, but traces of other musical styles, as well as elements of folk music from around the world, can also be heard.
The group has performed at all the great jazz- and folk music scenes in Norway. Eplemøya Songlag has shown that they are here to stay and will continue to impress and move audiences in the years to come.


CD: "Eplemøya Songlag" March 2010
CD: "Møya og myten" Sept 2012

(Both albums available for streaming on Wimp and Spotify, and also available on Itunes)