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Epochalypse (self-titled e.p.)
All tracks are available on myspace and may also be purchased on itunes or cdbaby.com



Currently currently based out of Mendocino County, CA and San Francisco State University, Epochalypse is made up of consummate musicians who know how to groove—in pretty much every genre as their past projects attest. Their sound is influenced by a wide range of music, primarily the hard rock and rock and roll styles of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s; hip hop styles of the 80s, 90s and 00s; reggae and alternative music of all styles and eras; as well as 70s and 80s funk and R&B. Blending these diverse genres with their native talents, Epochalypse creates a rock sound that is solid, driving, and infused with soul speaking songs that thunder with passion and purpose.

Raised in Point Arena, CA, lead vocalist and lyricist Ian Gleason (“Ian G.”) has participated in numerous touring band projects—including North Coast Underground, Dysphunctional Species, Vin Lawdin and the Caliband—and grew up jamming in the local music scene with the other Point Arena native in the band, bass player/vocalist Jacob Stillman (“Jake”). Lead guitarist/vocalist Tony Guerra (“Spooky”) is Jacob's cousin. Drummer/vocalist James Schmidt (“Schmidty”) was raised in Kansas City, MO. James was called on by Ian and Jake during the inception of Epochalypse. When combined, these four musicians explode with depth and passion.

Lyrics like “as time marches on we grow strong as the trees, don’t let the song of Babylon bring you down to your knees” (The Song of Babylon) and “I hated you for the pain that you caused me, now I love you for the lessons that you taught me” (Love the Hate) remind that hope is still possible in a world rife with pain and deception. Whereas, “we’re not ready to die for you” (Gonna Get You) sounds a warning to those weilding false power that there is a force much greater than personal gain—one that history will give the upperhand.

Mixing fire and water, earth and sky, rebellion and insight, Ian G.’s words are driven by the heart, infusing the ferocious guitar, driving bass, explosive drums with an unmistakable joy and desire to thrive through all the follies and tribulations of humanity, creating a direct path to the epoch beyond the apocalypse.