Epoch Of Unlight

Epoch Of Unlight


A brutal, "Heartwork"-era Carcass mixed with elements of black metal and a healthy dose of '80s Thrash.


The band has existed in various forms under different names since 1990 but it wasn’t until 1994 they officially decided upon EPOCH OF UNLIGHT.

It was this later this year that their first demo, “Beyond the Pale”, was released as a 4 song cassette. In 1995 they recorded their second demo, 'Within The Night…' as a 4-song MCD, and in May of 1997 they returned to the studio to record three new tracks. The new songs have been released as a promo CD entitled 'Black & Crimson Glory”. This promo captured the attention of many labels and in the winter of 1998, EPOCH OF UNLIGHT signed with THE END RECORDS. Shortly thereafter the band entered the studio to record their debut full-length album. Entitled 'What Will Be Has Been', the album was described as a mix of melodic death/black metal.

The band supported the release with countless live shows including a five week national tour with Dimmu Borgir and Samael. The tour consisted of over 30 shows in the major metal cities all across the USA .

The second album, “Caught In The Unlight!”, was recorded in December of 2000 with Keith Falgout (Soilent Green, Crisis, Crowbar and Cephalic Carnage, among others). The result was a sonic assault of 10 aggressive tracks that were more intense, technical, and melodic than the debut attributing to an album that is memorable and varied at the same time.

The band supported “C.I.T.U.” with numerous live shows through the country including a two week national tour with Enslaved and an appearance at the first annual Northern Lights Festival in Toronto, Canada.

In 2003 EOU recorded a cover of Kreator's 'Betrayer' and At the Gate’s ‘Raped by the Light of Christ’ for a split 7" single with Goatwhore through Bloated Goat Records.

The band entered Big Blue Meenie studio in New Jersey during October 27th through November 4th to record their third release for The End Records, entitled ”The Continuum Hypothesis”. The album was engineered and co-produced by Erin Farley (All Out War, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Madball, M.O.D., Overkill, among others) The resulting 53+ minute album includes 11 new songs of brutally intense, melodic metal and features the debut of new singer B.J. Cook (a.k.a. Lord Hellspawn) from Arkansas' Fallen Empire.


Aberrant Shadows

Written By: Music and lyrics: LoSicco ’03-‘04

Solar zenith long surpassed…
The waning light in lunar path…
Leads the westward lagging edge…
In a crimson hue

While the few belabor still
The greater mass their bliss reveals
Credulous, indolent flesh
Dulled by time

Shadows under guise of a passing day
Shadows of loathsome time and odious place
Shadows in the “Stygian caves forlorn”
Shadows of an ancient night

Analemma in contempt
The one and seven nine descent
Where light begins its wayward course
Felt by those below

For in the stead of absent rays
The scintillating, cerulean haze
Accents the ambient gelidity
Spread from northern plains

Shadows under guise of a passing day
Shadows of another time and another place
Shadows in the “Stygian cave forlorn”
Shadows of an ancient night

The fluid spread of tenebrous mist
As blanket to the fertile fringe

Freed from the confines, the elliptical-avail, the beginning of aphelion the force that none may quell.
The turning of a world, the balance was destroyed, a caliginous return to the primal void.
The upper plain…long denied by light, the former claims…of what was once by might!
Resurgence, an out flow from wells long thought dry... oozing into night!

“Deeper, deeper, deeper, down I lie”
From the calcite depths unknown slowly I arise

The tyranny of persecution, the curse of broken oaths, the condemning of interment…where others would lose hope
Tenacious, the lust left to fester on, (in) the Cimmerian recursive dreams of those below the dawn
Banished by the sulphorous gaze, no longer holding sway, as final rays expire so in legion they awake.
From the deepest sumps to cesspools far below they arrive as innumerable shades over all

Locked below the stagnant earth the stale air permeates
Through fallen stone and earth the amalgam makes its way

Another fool dispatched
Another’s end for sport
Iniquity’s return in crepuscular glory!

Shadows under guise of passing day
Shadows of loathsome time and odious place
Shadows in the “Stygian caves forlorn”
Shadows of the ancient night!

Another fool dispatched
Another’s end for sport
Iniquity’s return in crepuscular glory!


1994 - demo - Beyond the Pale
1995 - MCD - Within the Night
1997 - MCD - Black & Crimson Glory
1998 - CD - What Will Be Has Been
2001 - CD - Caught in the Unlight
2003 - 7" - Corruption in Increments (Split with Goatwhore including Kreator and ATG covers)
2005 - CD - The Continuum Hypothesis

Set List

8 to 12 songs.
45 minutes to 1 hour set.
Past covers included Kreator, Carcass, and At the Gates.