Brooklyn, New York, USA
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E-PROPS is Hiphop's evolution and Revolution


E-PROPS was born in Flatbush, Brooklyn to Haitian parents. At an early age, he showed an affinity for music, in particular Compas, the popular music of his parents’ native land. When E-PROPS was young, he could identify the music of different Compas bands by ear and would stare at album covers for hours. Being born in the late 1970’s in New York City’s melting pot, he was simultaneously exposed to Hip-Hop, early Dancehall, Funk, R&B, and later, 80’s Pop music.

E-PROPS performance debut began at family functions and local radio station events. When he was seven, EPROPS performed at a Haitian talent show held by Haitian radio station Moment Creole. The song Eddy performed was “Bolero” by Tabou Combo, a popular Compas song which featured a rap portion and EPROPS performed the entire selection. He lost this talent show to a young lady performing folklore. Ironically, she was declared the winner by his great grandmother. E-PROPS continued his musical development by penning song lyrics as early as seven years old and taking Guitar lessons at The Brooklyn Music School. E-PROPS was inspired by 80s icons Michael Jackson for his singing and dancing ability and Prince for his multi-instrumentalist capabilities and song-writing.

E-PROPS attended New York City’s Stuyvesant High School, considered to be one of the best High Schools in the nation. There, E-PROPS seemed to concentrate on Hip-hop even more. At Stuyvesant, E-PROPS would discuss the latest Hip-hop releases, teach a battle class and even wrote his senior thesis on Hip-hop, foreshadowing his later academic career. It was at Stuyvesant that E-PROPS recorded his first ever self-produced demo in 1992. It contained conventional Hip-hop and Dancehall remixes. With all this focus on Hip-hop, E-PROPS slacked on his regular studies and instead of the coveted Ivy League school E-PROPS ended up at Brooklyn College.

E-PROPS graduated from Brooklyn College with a B.A. in African Studies in 2001 and a M.A. in Political Science in 2004. Unlike in High School, the idea of Hip-hop in academia had turned into a somewhat acceptable notion as colleges such as Harvard began offering hip-hop classes. His love for Hip-hop and Black culture led him to develop a paper on Hip-hop entitled “Will Hip-hop Evolve into an African Religion?” This was a comparative study on Hip-hop and African Religions’ cultural practices. E-PROPS has presented the paper at several conferences and scholarly conventions, most recently in 2006, at the John Henrik Clarke-C.L.R. James, African World Research Institute, Firs World Conference held in Egypt.

In addition to being involved in music and academia, E-PROPS also stayed politically aware during the politicization of the Hip-hop culture. Continuing to support his community, E-PROPS rallied against the police brutality inflicted against Ahmadou Diallo, and Patrick Dorismond. He has supported the efforts to help Mumia Abu Jamal highlighting the prison-industrial complex. E-PROPS has also appeared on New York’s Radio Station, Hot 97 Street Soldiers, and participated in the Campaign for Dignity, led by Minster Conrad Muhammad now known as Reverend Conrad Tillard. All in all E-PROPS has witnessed the beginnings and development of The Hip-hop political movement in New York City and has emerged as a sort of historical archive of The Hip-hop Movement.

Today, E-PROPS’ ultimate goal is to utilize Hiphop as a means of social change by synergizing its Economic, cultural and political aspects. Towards that area E-PROPS has created various organizational entities such as A 501-c3 specializing in community based activities, The Balance, and also more politically based structures such as Props Consulting and an entity focused on real estate and economic development, PROPS Enterprises. Next on his agenda, E-PROPS plans on obtaining a PHD and Law Degree and serve as City Councilman.

Set List

Compas Hiphop
Who the Crown Fit
Blacc is Bacc
Peep this
Levé Kanpé
Voulez Vous