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"E.QUE may just be the salvation that modern hip hop is yearning for. It's been reported that modern day rap music cannot be intelligent and entertaining at the same time. E.QUE proves he is an exception to this rule. " - Miami New Times

"E.QUE has contributed his outstanding heartfelt song "Change the World" in an effort to raise awareness to Barack Obama's campaign goals to bring change to the world in a uniquely positive way. The song is filled with hope and is moving to rally support from voters who otherwise would not take part in the political process." - Lake County News-Sun

"The initial performance of the brand new single "Believe It" left some E.QUE fans in tears as he delivers the final notes of an emotionally charged song for the true dreamers. The crowd is left inspired and encouraged as the mood is set for him to blaze the stage with the performance of "Blown Away." Chi-Town will never be the same again as the void felt from the musical disappearance of Common and R.Kelly are seemingly filled with the promise of yet another Chicago legend. - Kia's Crib-Kia Yung


E.QUE's recent past singles in 2008 include "Losin' Control", "Liquid Cool" and "Shorty Next Door" which have had radio airplay in various North American regions and internet streaming. The brand new singles "Believe It", "Blown Away", and now newly released "Riding The Wave" have had rapidly growing success in the Chicago area based clubs and worldwide via internet streaming as well.



E. QUE is a soul singer, songwriter, rapper and producer from the north side of Chicago. His love for rhythm and blues coupled with his fascination of hip hop music, provided E.QUE with a diverse style all his own. Before long, he was writing, singing, rapping, and eventually producing his own music. The rest is history. He has mastered his own unique sound and has been making hits for himself and a long list of others for years. He has stepped out to the forefront as a solo recording artist to shine in the light meant specially for him. E.QUE, short for EQUATOR, has built the EQUATOR brand of music with absolute distinction and has shown unmistakably that the Equator is synonymous with extreme heat. He's played major roles in countless collaborations and the list of songs with the Equator stamp continues to grow. E.QUE, commonly referred to as "The One Man Collabo", is a genius as he constructs brilliance from silence. His presence and capabilities are reassuring and his confidence is strikingly apparent. He's now one of the most sought after underground talents for collaboration projects and the list of songs with the Equator stamp continues to grow. His list of growing requests prove this multi-talented artist has proven himself a force to be reckoned within the world of music. Some believe his everchanging physical appearance is just as versatile as his music. E.QUE is sure to leave you guessing what comes next. He is that outstanding complete package that has presence, unique style, and an entertainment factor wrapped up in a hot ball of fire. He'll mesmerize the female audience with his soulful singing voice and still rock the crowd with his thought provoking verses all in the blink of an eye. Hence, the name ILL Switch. E.QUE proudly accepted the given name of ILL SWITCH for his obvious ability to 'switch it up' with his music. When it comes to music, E.QUE believes there are no limits, just guidelines. E.QUE jumps the fence of musical genres to expand the original sound he's created while staying true to his mission to deliver positive messages in the most entertaining fashion ever seen. E.QUE' s sound may not be the sound you're used to hearing, but it IS the one you'll LOVE to hear. He never follows trends, he creates them. The more you listen, the more addicted you'll become. There's no mistaking it, E.QUE is the ONE to keep your eyes on as he skyrockets through the music world. Stay tuned to this legend in the making.