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Orlando, Florida, United States

Orlando, Florida, United States
Band Metal Rock


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"Review - Return to Mystery"

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In a time when death metal was definitely not very popular only a few bands kept pushing ahead with admirable perseverance. Aching for quality death metal I got acquainted with Equinox through the good old tapetrading. In 1996 it was finally time for this great band to release their debut album entitled "Return to mystery". This band maintains the original approach to death metal meaning that instead of playing as fast and technical as possible the focus is on the songs and the atmosphere therein. And man, these 9 tracks breathe pure atmosphere! From the first nanoseconds of "Rites of red giving" one is drawn into their return to mytersy and while the neighbours are wondering what the hell is going on I'm once again growling along. Darkness' raspy vocals possess charisma and are slightly reminiscent of the almighty Martin van Drunen. The band makes slight use of keyboards but only in those parts where it really enhances the song's mystic feel. Superb song writing skills manifest themselves in apocalyptic tracks like "The mourning river", "Dreams of the winter solstice", "Winds of autumn" and the majestic "Path to eternal ruin". Personal highlight is the deadly "Until the dawn's mist" which oozes utter genius in its riffing, ferociousness and dynamics. As Pentacle put it so well: remember the ancient feeling, it still lives!! - Vampire Magazine

"Interview - Pete Slate"

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Way back in 1995, cult Greek label Unisound released and album called Return to Mystery by a band called EQUINOX. This was one of the last great black/death metal albums of the old school, released right before the huge trend of black metal hit America. Then word then came that EQUINOX were going to release a second album through fledgling label Still Dead Productions, based in Poland. But alas, it did not go as scheduled. I had given up all hope of ever hearing a new album from EQUINOX, until I happened across Journey into Oblivion in an auction on Ebay of all places. I quickly found a distro that carried the album, and was even more suprised to discover that it had been released on Still Dead. Apparently neither label nor band died as I might have originally thought. Here we are, six years after the release of the debut of EQUINOX, now back with a vengeance with their new album. Here's guitarist Pete Slate to fill us in. - Metal Nightmare Magazine

"Review - Journey Into Oblivion"

It’s been a long and rocky road for Equinox since the days of their debut ‘Return To Mystery’ album several years ago but, having survived record company difficulties, line-up problems and personal traumas, Pete Slate and company are ready to launch their second attack and a damn fine attack it is too.

Capturing more of the essence of a classic Black/Thrash/Death style than that debut, ‘Journey Into Oblivion’ is one album that has one foot in the past and one in the present yet sounds both freshly modern and brutally uncompromising. Coupling the chaotically aggressive feel of Possessed (down to a rip roaring cover of The Séance’) and Necrovore with the more precise discipline of Deicide and Morbid Angel, Equinox excel at being able to dazzle with a high level of musicianship without sacrificing the blood and soul feeling for that technicality.

An album that deserves to be heard outside of the confines of the underground, ‘Journey Into Oblivion’ is one of the best examples of the collision of the old world and the new and a formidable exercise in how to be influenced by the past without sounding dated.

[8] GUY STRACHAN - Terrorizer Magazine

"Review - Jouney Into Oblivion"

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Due to a bunch of business related problems it took Florida's EQUINOX quite a while to get this album out (the recordings were already finished way back in September 2002!), but now it's finally here and the result is definitely worth the long wait! Still Dead Productions' label owner Julius adviced me to listen to it a few times before I finally make up my mind about it... Well, I'll tell you what - I do get advices like that almost every day, with each release we receive, but in the case of this album it really is nothing but the fuckin' truth and no cheap marketing slogan in order to sell a poor product. EQUINOX is one of the most underrated acts ever to emerge out of sunny Florida and "Journey Into Oblivion" a musical roller coaster ride through about an hour of classic Heavy Black / Death Metal. Unlike the current trend to blast as fast as you can, EQUINOX took a different direction and perform their material mostly very midpaced, partly doomy and partly fast. And when I say fast, I don't mean senseless snare bashing, but really cool and varied drumming with great doublebass parts. The dark and very heavy riffing often brings BLACK SABBATH to my mind, while the soloing is totally in the vintage SLAYER vein. The vocals sound totally possessed and are a mixture of Black and Death Metal, yet very impressive and charismatic. Yes, EQUINOX are totally oldschool, and that's more than fine with me as they come up with songs full of interesting riffs and memorable parts - a fact which a lot of the current bands seem to have forgotten about. They just tune down their guitars, growl as guttural as possible and play 100mph through the course of an entire album. The EQUINOX guys luckily still know what a good song demands in order to stand the test of time, probably because their influences come from all those acts that are eternal to many of us nowadays (POSSESSED, CELTIC FROST, DESTRUCTION, SLAYER, BATHORY, SODOM, VENOM, NECROVORE etc.). And you can easily check out that they perfectly understood the old masters by listening to their great version of POSSESSED's 'Seance', which closes this comeback album very impressively! Somehow EVIL INCARNATE's album title "Blackest Hymns Of God's Disgrace" is the perfect description of what EQUINOX are musically celebrating on here. So, if your musical horizon not necessarily ends with frognoise (like DISGORGE) on one hand and faceless highspeed Black Metal (like DARK FUNERAL) on the other, and if your faves includes likeminded acts such as THE CHASM, SADISTIC INTENT and so on, you should really make sure to pick up "Journey Into Oblivion". But beware: you might get addicted after a couple of listens already! More info on the band in the interview which is about to follow soon!

Frank Stöver - Voice from the Darkside

"Interview - Pete Slate"

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When it comes to death metal, REAL death metal, played as it once was meant to be played, not many bands can be identified to incorporate that ancient feeling. Equinox is most surely one of them! I can still remember when I first heard their demo and EP stuff, making me bang like a madmen and making me very anxious to get their debut “Return from mystery”. When I bought that album I almost shit my pants, it was even better than I could have hoped! And now, after so many years of silence, Equinox hit back damn hard with their 2nd killer album entitled “Journey into oblivion”. I couldn’t help but spam guitarist Pete Slate with a lot of questions… - Vampire Magazine

"Interview - Pete Slate"

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After an unfortunate big delay in the release of their second album, "Journey Into Oblivion" Florida's EQUINOX are finally back in action again. And judging the band just by these new songs (which are actually already quite dated again), it's pretty obvious that they not only have grown immensely as a band but also developed their unique form of dark and brutal Death Metal alot! Reasons enough for us to hook up with guitarist and founding member Pete Slate for a brandnew interview. Here's the result... - Voice from the Darkside


The Immortal Kind (indie) - 2005
Jouney Into Oblivion (still dead rec.) - 2003
Upon the Throne of Eternity (silencelike death) - 1997
Return to Mystery (unisound rec.) - 1996
Equinox (promo) - 1994
Anthem to the Moon (promo) - 1993

Tribute Compilations ::
Maiden America (Iron Maiden Tribute)
Unholy Sounds of the Demon Bell (Mercyful Fate)
Hell Rules (Black Sabbath)
Gateway to Hell 2 (Slayer)
Kiss of Death (Kiss)
Hell Bent for Metal (Judas Priest)



Legendary metallions EQUINOX come to battle prepared for war, armed with a new, powerful, majestic spell "The Immortal Kind"... the latest offering from these metal masters delivers seven tracks of the most diverse, intense, and mature songwriting the group has ever released.

EQUINOX are now shopping "the Immortal Kind", and ask that you please listen to the tracks posted within this EPK.

Originally forged during the winter of 1992, EQUINOX have gone on to receive world reknown acclaim, boasting a rabid underground following that spans the globe. Vampire Magazine recently heralded Equinox's first full length album as a "Cult Classic", as well as Kerrang! magazine proclaiming "Equinox F***ing Rules!".

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