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THE IMMORTAL KIND the latest offering from legendary black / death metallions EQUINOX awaits your review. 3 tracks are now available in the AUDIO section of this EPK. Contact Equinox for more information on how to get your hands on a full version of the CD.


Legendary metallions EQUINOX come to battle prepared for war, armed with a new, powerful, majestic spell "The Immortal Kind"... the latest offering from these metal masters delivers seven tracks of the most diverse, intense, and mature songwriting the group has ever released.

EQUINOX are now shopping "the Immortal Kind", and ask that you please listen to the tracks posted within this EPK.

Originally forged during the winter of 1992, EQUINOX have gone on to receive world reknown acclaim, boasting a rabid underground following that spans the globe. Vampire Magazine recently heralded Equinox's first full length album as a "Cult Classic", as well as Kerrang! magazine proclaiming "Equinox F***ing Rules!".

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The Immortal Kind (indie) - 2005
Jouney Into Oblivion (still dead rec.) - 2003
Upon the Throne of Eternity (silencelike death) - 1997
Return to Mystery (unisound rec.) - 1996
Equinox (promo) - 1994
Anthem to the Moon (promo) - 1993

Tribute Compilations ::
Maiden America (Iron Maiden Tribute)
Unholy Sounds of the Demon Bell (Mercyful Fate)
Hell Rules (Black Sabbath)
Gateway to Hell 2 (Slayer)
Kiss of Death (Kiss)
Hell Bent for Metal (Judas Priest)

Set List

All original music including apocolyptic anthems spanning Equinox's career, laced with the latest hymns of black / death of recent times...

Song titles include ::
Wretched and Nameless
The Immortal Kind
The Enchantress
Night of the Churchyard Watcher
Winds of Autumn
Until the Dawn's Mist
Dethroned Emperor