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Mr. Anderson (RELOADED) the mixtape. Dropping late summer 08.



It all started in the 7th grade. I was never the witty one in school. All of that capping, and roasting on other people, it just wasn't me. So one day, the class clown decided that I was going to be his target for the day. I don't know what it was about this particular day, but dud was getting me, and getting me good. LOL. One of my homeboys asked me, "why are you letting him get you like that, you not going to say anything back?" Of course I wanted to, but i just could'nt come up with insults like that off the top of my head. Now up untill this point, I had only listened to hip hop. I loved it, however I had never wrote a rap or anything like that. I told my boy who was askin why I didn't say anything back: I don't cap on dudes. He asked me if I knew how to rap? Trying to seem cooler than I actually thought I was, I said yeah. So he said: Why don't yall both go home and write a rap about each other? Now like I said, up until this point I hadn't done anything like that. I didn't even know if I could, but I agreed anyway. I went home and wrote my first battle rap. Went back to school the next day and handed dude his ASS on a platter! Everybody voted for me. I think to this day, that was when I knew I wanted to rap. From that point till I graduated high school, and throughout my first year in college, (Northern High School & Central Michigan University), I stayed with it. I did everything from spitting in the hallways, lunchrooms, and classrooms, to performing in talent shows. I horned in on my skills pretty good. I hooked up with a few good friends who shared the same passion, as well as inspired some people to get into it because I was. Nonetheless, it was all love. One group of friends that stood out from the rest. TWS aka T DUB S. Pee Wee, Scray, Mike, Cell, & Mark. Where yall at? I came home from college in 1999. I hooked up with a local label that was trying to get off the ground, that happen to be ran by family. I met this one guy who later became a friend and a brother, (B-Eazy what's crackin). His passion for producing, and just music period, inspired me to get into producing. While hanging with him, I met all types of other producers who was also off into recording. I was soaking everything up with a sponge. I was so intersted in the whole process from writing, to making the beat to recording. I bought programs for my computer, and tried to learn them inside and out. Anytime I could get my hands on some equipment, I went at it. I developed a passion so strong for the music industry, it became my addiction. It was a drug that I would overdose on any and everytime I used it. Which brings me to now. I currently share a home with Dolla 4 Dolla, Swagg City and I have my own production company. Mo City Produkshunz. Along with Swagganova and myself E.R.A. aka Mr. Anderson we are getting ready to kick in the door. Watch what I tell you.