Mineral Wells, Texas, USA
BandHip HopRock

The very essence of my music is epic. With a combination of Rock, Rap, RnB, and orchestral sounds, each song is a beast of a creature in and of themselves.


Charles "Ereez" Martinez, born September 10, 1983, has been living with art ever since he could hold a pencil. Just the act of creating gives him a high sense of life and he loves experimenting with new forms of self expression. Which is why, at age 14, he started rapping. His style has evolved over the years into an epic chimera of sounds with influences from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Beethoven and other classical composers, Metallica, Disturbed, and Linkin Park. His music is reminiscent of all of these yet still very much unique.


Against It All

Written By: Charles 'Ereez' Martinez

Against It All

Verse 1----
-My mind is broken; tiny pieces on the floor
Salvation hopeless; locked in a room with no doors
No air, I’m choking. How am I to carry on?
Or is my fate to be nevermore?
-My body’s caving in; the darkness takes over my vision
My path is paved with fear; all the voices want me to just give up
I will not bow to the pain; I pick myself back up and roar
And stand tall against it all

-Give me my pain (Even if it breaks my bones)
Get out my way (I’m about to risk it all)
I found my strength (I’m ready, so bring it on)
Back to the wall, I will not fall
-Give me my pain (Even if it breaks my bones)
Get out my way (I’m about to risk it all)
I found my strength (I’m ready, so bring it on)
I’ll stand tall against it all

Verse 2----
-I’ve been living in a place not far from shame
A burden I can hardly face
Right when I feel myself in need
I release the beast in me, let’s go
-So bring it on; I will take everything all in stride
Watch me rise; reach deep inside to find the will to survive
Even if I stand alone I will fight with all my might
And break free from the lies; racing for the light
I will find my wings then I’ll fly
-Chop me but like a weed I will grow right back
Block me and shackle my feet, still I walk my path
No rest for me till I see that I’m on the right track
I’ll give my all even if it breaks my back


Verse 3----
-So let the storm come, I’ll take it on (and I)
I’ll face the rain as the lightning strikes at me
Give me your best; you can’t break me down (and I)
Will sacrifice all the life that burns in me
-To the bitter end, I’m giving everything within
Never bend to your whims when you condescend
And pretend that I’ve been so incompetent
I’m done with this here nonsense I’m off to win
-And if I fail, it’ll be on me
No longer will I live in your shadow, just let me be
I’m complete; flew the coop, and I found my peace
And I still say “Thank you” to those who doubt me
-I know it’s a bit surprising, but like that bird, from the ash I’m rising
Success, so tantalizing; I chase my dreams, I don’t take em lightly
You try to victimize me, but I feel the brave one deep inside me
Straight for that top I’m climbing, and I think now is no better timing. GO!


Put On Your Halo

Written By: Charles 'Ereez' Martinez

Put on Your Halo

-Time has come to open your eyes
And put on your halo
Shine your light on a shackled child
And put on your halo

Verse 1----
-Somewhere there’s a child in a dark room
A grown man that’s telling her “Don’t move”
Doing everything she’s told to do
Terrible things to earn a little food
-What kind of monster would let this happen to their daughter?
They sold her as a slave for a couple of dollars
And now a fairy princess is just treated like a product
Having to please the devil in men to get her bowl of bread and water
-She get’s sick and her skin turns grey
She needs a doctor, but the man won’t pay
During the night she fades away
Another child slave in an unmarked grave
-Evil wins when good men do nothing
These children are suffering; is there no one to love ‘em?
They need an angel to free them so they can grow
Stand up, man up, and earn your halo


-Now this is happening more than just little; it’s everywhere
Is it asking too much for you to take a minute to care?
Look into the mirror; tell me, is there an angel there?
If so, then join the rest of us; let our voices fill the air
-Let’s get freedom on the rise
We gotta shine our light
You’ve never done something real in your life
Until you make a child smile for the first time
-I thought humanity was beyond slavery
Let alone, putting shackles on a baby
It’s time for this generation to show bravery
And let the children know, “Someone’s coming to save ya”
-Dawn your halo, become the hero they need of you
Give a child or two the chance to begin life anew
Don’t you think global freedom’s a little overdue?
Let’s bid adieu to what’s keeping us blind because the


Fade Remix

Written By: Charles 'Ereez' Martinez


-Somebody told me I would be alright
But I realized; they lied

There are those who would dare to challenge me and my work
But I will not falter, and I will not fall

-Hate me, but you’ll never slay me
Cage me, but you’ll never break me
(Hit me with your best shot)
But I won’t fade away
I won’t fade away
I won’t fade away

Verse 1----
-In everything I do I seem to be faced with entities
That wants to be killing the happiness embedded in me
They want me to break my integrity
They’re trying to take away my song but I keep in key, yeah
-Never been the one to cave under pressure
With incredible fortitude willing to take on whatever
Got the heart of a beast, the mind of a genius always at work
With God at my back, I’ll live in the verse
-My blood becomes the rhythm; the beat takes over my breath
My soul starts to dance to the staccato boom in my chest
Look into my eyes, all you’ll see is a treble clef
My I.Q. is now EQ’d for preview, bear witness to my finesse
-Oh I’m a survivor; a lover inside a fighter
Inspired writer, in spite of all of the hate provided
You’re all invited to see me rise up to claim my title
“The King of Fire”; “The Most Desired”; “The Iron Lion”

-How many times do I have to prove “I’m not a rapper?”
Before you understand, I’m more than you could ever be

-Hater, you’re living a blind life behind lies
Unable to understand my rhyme; can’t find my flavor
I can see you’re scared of my flow
Yes, you’re afraid I’ll expose
The truth that you’re grown from a mold, uh huh
-There’s a million other rappers who claim to be the realest and
Every single one of you’s a mirror to the next man
Stereotypical bunch of hacks in a caravan
You will never be able to do what I can
-As a phoenix with golden feathers, I fly free
Unlike you cookies who hide behind bling and white T’s
-Face the facts; you’re just another punk in a mask
A slave to cash; a puppet doing his song and dance
You’re music’s trash; no one is listening to you speak
The only way you can build your name is to hate me

Hook 2----
-Open your eyes
I’ll never die; you can tell your lies
I’ll still survive
You can
-Hate me, but you’ll never slay me
Cage me, but you’ll never break me
(Hit me with your best shot)
But I won’t fade away
I won’t fade away
I won’t fade away

-Get your lighters out; put’em up in the air
Sing it loud and proud, “We’re not going anywhere”
We’ll keep on marching until we take all the haters out
You’re gonna need more than an army to hold me down


Fade: 2-3-2010/Single/Youtube/Selling on iTunes and Bandcamp
Put on Your Halo: 2-3-2010/Single/Youtube
Music Don't Cry: 6-17-2010/Single/Youtube
Take a Ride: 10-13-2010/Single/Youtube
Burn Alive-Ashes to Ashes: 1-08-2011/Single/Youtube/Bandcamp

Set List

1:24 - 20 Bars Strong II
3:58 - No More
3:45 - Fade
4:30 - Set the World on Fire
3:17 - Not a Rapper
2:59 - Put on Your Halo
3:56 - Sweet

Can change depending on length of set