Eric Beverly

Eric Beverly

 Austin, Texas, USA

Texas rock singer-songwriter Eric Beverly has an increasing international presence building on European festival dates, extensive co-writing, and recording. "Joy Armada" is the sonically adventurous follow-up to his 2010 album "The Sunday Best."


Texas rock singer-songwriter Eric Beverly has an increasing international presence as he preps for the release of his next album Joy Armada in 2016. His European dates include well-received performances at the Ringsted and Copenhagen Songwriters festivals, with invitations to return for additional festival dates.

Eric has co-written extensively at the House of Songs with a range of European and Canadian artists leading to a flurry of recording and releases of his co-written material in 2013 and 2014, as well as upcoming releases:
-- "You And I" on Nana Schwartzloses 2013 album Book of Life (Denmark)
-- "White Feather" on The Liberty Balance's 2014 album Diamonds We Trade (Denmark)
-- "All The Stupid Things" on Maria Guttesen's album TBD (Faroe Islands/Denmark)

Joy Armada
Joy Armada promises to build upon 2010's The Sunday Best which saw Americana airplay, documentary soundtrack use, and significant interest from Paste Magazine subscribers. Joy Armada is a sonically adventurous collection of musical short stories that chronicle and intersect with the lives of a cast of characters who are experiencing different types of joy. The songs explore the joy of getting unstuck, sensual joy, lazy rainy day joy, Friday night edge-of-town ice house joy, the joy in searching, the joy in finding, the joy of recognizing our common human condition, the fast but slippery joy of fame, the joy of letting go and asking for help, and the joy of commitment.

The Sunday Best
2010's The Sunday Best found Eric at his very best after years of making music. Time spent playing in groups and on his own in his home state plus Europe and South America has served this musical artist, painter and writer well on his 10-song recorded debut.

From the feisty opening rocker "All Her Little Secrets," punctuated by R&B inflected horns, The Sunday Best brims with Beverly's colorful melodic gifts, crafty and emotive wordplay, and a musical sensibility that melds and transcends genres. He channels the bracing first rush of new love on the slinky and shimmering "Girl, You've Got Me," weaves a tapestry of confession and vocal harmonies on the haunting "All I Wanted," and recalls the glory days of Elvis Costello and The Attractions on "Valerie."

Beverly fiercely rocks the kiss off on "I Won't Be Alone" and "The Hurting Kind" and soul struts and whistles his way through heartfelt delight on "Oh Yeah!" His voice deftly dances with the vocals of Austin singer and songwriter Seela on the haunting "Nothing Comes Easy" and the meditative lamentation "Drifting Through a Dream." The final, spritely taste of Celtic and Texas flavored folk-rock spiced with an electric crackle, "Do You Know What I Mean?" provides a lovely grace note to a collection of songs that strides and glides through a spectrum of moods and modes, all of them enhanced by crafty arrangement touches and Beverly's emotive and impassioned singing.

All told, The Sunday Best is an ear-catching pop-rock gem by a talent who has found his myriad musical sweet spots plus a group that enhances his multifaceted artistic vision in live performances: Drummer and U.K. expatriate Sally Crewe, who also leads her own outfit Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves as a singer and writer; and bassist/guitarist/keyboardist Geoff Kaiser who has performed with a variety of Austin artists, including local veterans Lisa Tingle and Van Wilks. 

Quick facts about The Sunday Best
-- The Sunday Best receives airplay on stations including WFPK, KPFT, and KDHX
-- "Girl, You've Got Me" is included in the documentary "The River Is Life"
-- "Valerie" is downloaded more than 1,600 times from the Paste Magazine vault (a top 20 download) as part of the "Songs for Haiti" and "Save Paste Magazine" campaigns
-- Bill Frater's Freight Train Boogie Podcast #82 features "All Her Little Secrets"
-- CDBaby's Music Discovery Podcast (June 15, 2010 edition) features "I Won't Be Alone." They call Eric "a great rocking songwriter"


Eric Beverly, The Joy Armada -- Anticipated release in 2016

Eric Beverly, Songs In The Key Of Divorce -- Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eric Beverly and The Sunday Best, The Sunday Best -- Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Set List

1. All Her Little Secrets
2. Girl, You’ve Got Me
3. I Won’t Be Alone
4. Oh Yeah!
5. Valerie
6. Drifting Through a Dream
7. The Hurting Kind
8. All I Wanted
9. Nothing Comes Easy
10. Do You Know What I Mean?