Detroit, Michigan, USA

She delivers a message of the struggles and victories of living a Godly lifestyle in a real world. It's positive music with an urban groove and a neo-soul flavor.


Passionate singer, songwriter, artist, a creative, an independent, warm and friendly, lover of God who has an extraordinary gift. These are just a few things that describe Erica. She began singing in the church choir at the age of 3, and started piano lessons at age 5. A band kid beginning in Elementary School, she began learning the flute at 8 years old, piccolo, acoustic and bass guitar she picked up along the way. She has garnered much music theory knowledge through private lessons and through playing in the school band all the way through High School. She also was a member of the School Choruses throughout her schooling, and was in the auditioning Madrigal group in High School taught by Mrs. Irma Street. After consulting with Mrs. Street, she deciding to start a Gospel Choir at the school her senior year at Southfield High.

College years brought choir directing for the Western Michigan University Gospel Choir, background singing, and studio work which began her recording career. It was around this time when she was able to work with Charles Laster II, and producers Luther "Mano" Hanes, Josiah "Chuks" Bell and others. She also began training for Worship Leading through mentorship during college, and continued to increase her knowledge of studying the voice, and ministering through music.

She graduated from college receiving her Degree in Advertising, and continued learning about Praise and Worship Ministry. She began to have a real passion for worship, and a door opened for her to begin Worship Leading at Ambassadors for Christ Church, Pastor Glenn Plummer. She then also began recording her own material. She self-produced, wrote, and recorded her own inspirational pop project entitled “Reach for Your Dreams” in 2007. Her follow-up project was an EP entitled “Today,” released 2010. The title cut won third place in the Choice Hotels Rising Star Contest among hundreds of entrants.

In 2010, Erica transitioned from Detroit to Los Angeles, and quickly got busy networking with others in the music business. During this time she was able to be a Recording Session Vocalist for various demos and Independent Projects, as well as a Major Label Artist. She did Worship Leading at a local church, performed at open mics, auditioned for music roles including The Voice singing competition, co-wrote with Producers like Austin “Osjai” Jacobs, Garrick “Schmitty“ Smith (also from Detroit!), and she spent much time maneuvering her way through the expansive, evasive, sometimes ambiguous, living breathing industry of music in Los Angeles.

After spending 3 years in LA, she has come full circle and returned to the city of Detroit to continue her music endeavors. She is soon to be releasing new music this year, and is hoping to warm your heart and bring love and light to your world with new songs about life, love and relationships.

She also has added Voice Over Talent to her list of career endeavors, and has trained under David "Daba" Parker through the Michigan Actors Studio in Ferndale, MI.

Some of her musical influences are The Clark Sisters, John Mayer, Brandy, Prince, Michael Jackson, Bonnie Raitt, Amel Larrieux, Donnie Hathaway, Fred Hammond, Kim Burrell, and the list goes on and on. So with the likes of these influences, her sound is a mix of R&B, soul, pop and contemporary Christian.