Erica Brown Band

Erica Brown Band


The Erica Brown Band has been delivering high energy blues since its inception in 1998. The band’s impeccable vocals and performance have made them a favorite of festival and concert circuits all over the country.


“A little way into our last set, our host, Dan, tipped me that singer Erica Brown from down the road in Denver was in the house and I should call her up to sit in. Maybe because I was already having such a good weekend, I wasn't expecting it to go even farther. I did not know Erica Brown, but certainly trusted Dan and immediately invited her up to the bandstand. She proceeded to tear the house down, leading the band expertly and improvising a show with us that the audience loved. It was so much fun it must have been illegal, and it showed. We all need to get to know Erica Brown better." -Blues legend, Bob Margolin

The Erica Brown Band has been around a while, garnering a regional following in the Rockies, and that shouldn't be a surprise. Forgoing simple 1-4-5 riffs and ego-stroking harmonica filler to avoid reworking the same old blues song, the band instead channels tight, provocative blues-rock and R&B with enough élan to make you think you've been missing out on something. But the EBB is known as much for its incendiary and engaging live show as for its well-earned chops. The band has a definite "sound," without relying on the same tricks to get from the opening track to the end. There's a range from clean electric Blues to ballads, fast and slow, with several of the band sharing the lead vocals with Brown. Erica Brown the performer lets it all hang out. With a flirtatious little gleam in her eyes, she taunts, she teases and she lets loose with a fun-loving, high energy rhythm and blues show that will knock your socks off!

The delicious Ms. Brown makes it easy by tearing the house down with a voice that would turn the most jaded atheist into a true believer. From where else could that voice have come? The marvelous contradiction presented by this astoundingly first-rate, high-energy blues band is that when they perform, they chase away any and all blues from anyone within audible range. When Brown takes the mic–clearly her “on” button–she could coax joy out of Dick Cheney. It is oft said that comparisons are odious. Be that as it may, they are frequently necessary to reveal a comprehensible depiction to the uninformed. So, picture the moves of Tina Turner, the vocal range of Francine Reed, and the quick-witted, ad lib comedy of Robin Williams. Brown was born to perform. She’s like a cordless appliance and the stage is her charger!


The band’s releases “Body Work” (2000), and Rough Cut Stone (2003) have received airplay and been the subject of favorable reviews in Europe, South America, and Australia as well as BluesWax, the largest online blues publication in the world. Special guest artist blues great Kenny Neal contributed his special second-line feel to the tracks “Crying and Trying” and the title track of “Body Work”.

Set List

In a full night of performing, the band will create three one-hour sets, however often tailoring the show to the needs of any client. A typical set list will include originals from the band's two CDs Body Work and Rough Cut Stone, along with songs from as diverse and eclectic a selection as Robert Cray, The Subdudes, Koko Taylor, The Band, and Johnnie Taylor!