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Erica Case

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
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"Indie Rock Rebel, Erica Case"

• As I listen to your great performances on SoundCloud, I can hear a subtle conflict between the rock n roller and poetic composer. Is your style a combination of these two traits or am I mistaken in my perception?

You are definitely not mistaken. My style is absolutely a combination of poetic ballads and rock ‘n roll tunes. It’s really because acoustic guitar was what I mastered first so I started writing music acoustically and in a softer manner rather than with a harsher attitude. Also when I first started writing music with acoustic guitar I wasn’t really listening to very “rock ‘n roll” music. I don’t count Avril Lavigne, ha. Her style is more “punk-bubblegum” in some ways so I aspired to write like that until I learned how to really play electric guitar. If you listen to my first EP and compare it to the one I am putting out in July there is a vast difference in maturity and song-writing style. Once I started listening to REAL rock ‘n roll like The Runaways my whole style shifted towards a more serious and edgy feel.
• How would you define yourself as rock n roller? Was there a pivotal point in your life where you decided that this type of music defined how you are as an individual?

Oh definitely. That point happened about 2 years ago. In 10th grade when I dyed my hair black and cut my 12 inch locks, I started to be compared to Joan Jett just by my hair style and I knew her hits but I hadn’t really listened to a lot of her music. In the summer of 2010 I saw the movie based on her first band: The Runaways and from then on I wanted to be just like her. My first guitar was an Japanese-made electric Lotus that I received as a gift for my 12th birthday. But, I didn’t really know how to play it in a rock ‘n roll style until after being inspired to play that genre. I started teaching myself how to play by looking up the tabs for Runaways songs and I started writing my own rock ‘n roll tunes soon after. I don’t know where I’d be without rock ‘n roll music, so it has for sure defined me as a person and artist.
• What inspired you to perform original compositions and a choice of covers from the Runaways, Johnny Thunders, and the Ramones? Which came first? Is this a new direction your material is headed towards?

Well, original songs are what came first of course and once I started taking time to listen to full discographies of those bands, I chose my favorites and covered them. I was very inspired by first, The Runaways, because of how strong and full of attitude their music was to be coming from 16-year-old girls. Second came The Ramones. Everyone knows “I Wanna Be Sedated” but the song that really drew me to them was a bonus track on Rocket to Russia titled “Slug.” I fell in love with Joey Ramone and his voice and wanted to express my love for their music by covering my favorite songs of theirs. Johnny Thunders is a new edition to my covers and I just really love his raw rock ‘n roll style. The song I covered: “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory” is a more ballad-like song of his, but it special to me on a personal level. I would say that these covers are just a taste of the new direction from what my music used to be and in the direction that I want to continue going as I release my new EP and also music to come.
• As an independent female rock n roller in Tennessee, what type of reception have you received? Do you wish to stay there or do you have bigger plans for your music location wise?

Well as anyone should know, living in Nashville, Tennesse the country music capitol of the US, it is near to impossible to get people to recognize you or come close to taking you seriously because every “idependant musician” here is doing the exact same thing. But the real problem is how fucking pretentious all the “independent musicians” are here in Nashville. Just because they are lucky enough to have a full band suddenly they think they’re The Beatles. So, yes, I have bigger plans for my music location. I would really like to go out to Hollywood where the magic happens as cliché as that sounds. I feel like it is where I have always been destined to go.

• Why should anyone record themselves and place it online? What are the advantages of reaching a community outside of Memphis? Do you do it to express yourself or is it reaching a community that is global and eclectic?

I think it is good to record yourself and put it out there because the idea of it existing on some form of media forever even after you’re gone is pretty cool to me. Well reaching a community outside of Memphis is just the beginning. I honestly would want to be known worldwide eventually. I personally do it to express myself and to reach anyone who’s out there to listen. I think it’s cool that anyone searching a song or tag word can see your song pop up, discover you, become a fan, and not even know you.
• What inspires you the most as a composer? Is it anger, heartache, relationships, sadness….etc.

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I'm Erica Case.
I play Rock 'N Roll rythym guitar. I got my first guitar and amp when I was 13 and have been playing ever since.The infuluences for my earlier music were artists like Sixpence None The Richer, Radiohead, and Keane. My newest songs that I just released have been heavily influenced by The Runaways, Joan Jett and the 70's/80's in general. But overall my music has been written from life events and the people in it.

I started playing music at a very young age.. I never was good at much else.
In short, I've always known the need to create. I've played in all kinds of projects; played all kinds of instruments.
But one thing never changes:
my love for music.

Peace & Love,
Ethan Shane