Erica Danea

Erica Danea

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA
BandHip Hop

Passionate Heart Felt Real Music


Born in Kansas City Missouri Erica Danea like most children born in the 80's came from a broken home Her mother fail victim to the drug epidemic that swept the nation at that time. No father and mother not in Her life was raised by her grandmother and always struggled with rejection and pain due to no parents to show Her the love needed as a child. So Erica grew up in search of the love She missed that eventually lead Her to the streets from 2003 she lived a life full of hustling and drug use shoot out's in and out of jail probation and dealing with the grief of friends murdered with Life spining out of control and facing a heavy sentence not knowing really what to do Erica's aunt lead Her to Christ and since 2007 Erica Danea has been walking with Christ every since. Erica started rapping in a seculer group called C.T.A. Click in 2006 as a hobby and now insted of gloryfing Murder Drugs and Money She is using the form of Hip Hop to spread the message of Christ insight on Her life and showing everybody God is real and how He changed Her life. Erica is a solo artist.


Im a Christian

The Pre Mix EP

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