Eric Agner

Eric Agner


It's folk rock with a little redneck edge, but not sexist, racist or confrontational. Smart, straightforward, and to the point.


Today I'm playing roots rock, folk, bluegrass and original alternative country in DC and Baltimore with a band and in a folk collective that's not really a band.

I'm an upright bass player most of the time, but write on guitar and usually perform my songs on guitar.

Growing up in Athens Georgia I heard and played lots of great original local music at an early age and was saved from learning every Lynyrd Skynyrd tune ever written.

I toured with folk rock-tinged Vigilantes of Love early in their career, and played bass for garage rockers The Woggles on early 7" releases and their first two full length records on the Estrus label.



Written By: Eric Agne

It'll rattle your windows and your weathervane
Blow you away or bring you back again

It'll conjure up dreams you had forgot
Like an old newspaper blown across a parking lot

Tacking upwind is one way to go
You may get there, but the going's slow

You can batten down, ride out the gale
Or find yourself with an empty sail

Sometimes you have to trust
Or turn your face from a wicked gust
But when you round that final bend
You'll find the wind has brought you home again

It'll make an old sailor change his mind
Bring a love letter for you to find

It'll sting your skin wih driving rain
Turn the signs around til nothing looks the same

It'll whistle through the hollows in your bones
Whisper to you that in the end you're all alone

It'll whip a spark into a flame
Breathe the sound of a long forgotten name


Lawnchair -- Truckstop Madonna -- bass, lap steel, backing vocals, recording and production

Eric Agner -- The Hard Way -- EP in production now

The Dilettantes -- This Small Town -- bass, backing vocals, recording and produciton

The Woggles -- The Zontar Sessions -- Teendanceparty -- electric bass and backing vocals

Set List

At least 50% original, covers tend to the more obscure with all of these groups.