Erica Smith

Erica Smith


Angel-voiced chanteuse leads whip-smart band through original honeypop and soul tunes with a hot jazz streak. "I think I love her." -- The Village Voice


Erica Smith's voice possesses an easy sensuality that lures you in with sweetness and light and then, cutting loose on a soul number, bitchslaps you.

Erica Smith's ambitious original repertoire ranges from acoustic folk to old-school soul to janglepop to torch . . . a heady combination that recalls both the soothing strains of Judy Collins circa 1970 and the unbridled passion of Nina Simone. Like these artists, Erica Smith cuts a wide swath through many genres and owns them, sparkling and glinting off of her top-notch band.

Erica toured solo through the U.S. and U.K. in 2002-2003 to support her lush 2002 release FRIEND OR FOE. During that time, Erica was a guest on Charlie Gillett's "Sound of the World" show in BBC London, as well as on legendary freeform station WFMU and many other fine stations. Erica brought together her present lineup, the 99 Cent Dreams, in late 2003. Comprised of half of the celebrated New York band Love Camp 7, the 99 Cent Dreams add texture, sizzle, and jump to Erica's new compositions. Erica Smith and the 99 Cent Dreams began recording SNOWBLIND in 2004.

In 2005 the band went on temporary gig-hiatus following the sudden death of Erica's boyfriend. Determined to carry on, and with new songs in tow, they resumed recording SNOWBLIND in late 2005, and gigging in 2006. SNOWBLIND will be released late 2006, followed by a full-band tour of The U.S. and U.K.


In Late July

Written By: Erica Smith

In Late July

Tonight I stretch across this bed
Your laugh like an old song in my head
The breeze pulls the curtains in
And blows them out again

It’s too hot and I can’t sleep
The floorboards above thump & squeak
Someone’s talking on the phone
And thunder rumbles low

But oh, my dear
The last time you were you here
You lay down by me so cool and still
Tonight no lover will

The night is so long
No one to reach for
No one to take me on

And when the rain comes
It comes so soft
Slapping the leaves
Slapping the tin gutter


Written By: Erica Smith

We go walking up Riverside Park
Where the air is clear & it’s long past dark
Tall cliffs across the river, the air is warm as bathwater
And to the north a bridge sparkles against a black sky
You’re so tall, you’re so shy
Except when you get talking
About how you watched the cars race in the snow

Last night you kissed me on the town
Tonight we’re going all the way down

Water lapping up against the dock
Houseboats bob and rock
Moonlight in the curls of your hair
You point up north to a town and tell me who first settled there

Last night you kissed me on the town
Tonight we’re going all the way down

Out on Broadway and stores are closed
You say, wanna go to Neko’s
Their salads are so good, it’s crazy

Love You All the Way

Written By: Erica Smith

Look at me, baby
No, nothing’s wrong
But I’ve got a feeling
Comin’ on so strong
Just say the word
I’m gonna love you
All the way

You stand in the doorway
And hold me close
Your fingers so soft on my cheek
Your thumb on my pulse
It’s all over now
I’m gonna love you
All the way

You say you want to know my sadness
You want to know what makes me cut and run
But baby, the faster I run, the more I really want
To be taken down and overcome . . .

Now there’s fear
Humming in my heart
’Cause the more you love
The worse you fall apart
I’m gonna let it go
I’m gonna love you
All the way


FRIEND OR FOE, 2002, received radio airplay nationwide in the U.S. (AAA, freeform, XM/Sirius, NPR) and also was featured on the BBC and European indie stations.

Set List

Set list -- 1 hour
"Tonight": Brazilian-flavored pop
"Heart": Old-school James Brown soul
"In Late July" Ethereal pop a la Jane Siberry
"Easy Now": 4/4 janglepop
"Nashville, Tennessee": slow-build waltz with gothic guitar
"Where and When": quick, gritty New Wave treat
"Start from Nothing": psychedelic morsel
"The World is Full of Pretty Girls": savory country waltz
"Masters of War": Dylan classic rendered in 5/4 with heart-stopping jazz drum break