Eric Blake

Eric Blake


A husband and father of three, Blake's family life is a main source of his material. "You can talk to certain kids but if you can speak their language, if you know what they are going through, you can reach a lot more of them."


A regular at BET's Comic View and comedy clubs and college campuses across the nation, including: The Improv, The Comedy Store, and The Punchline. Eric has been selected to The Best of Comic View on BET for four consecutive years. Furthermore, Blake performed on Comedy Central and as the headliner for the comedy hit entitled "War on Comedy" which aired on HBO and has recently been released on video. Eric's acclaimed notoriety lead HBO to choose him among thousands to film a documentary on the eight most up and coming comedians in the country, which is scheduled to air this year.

Set List

60 minutes of comedy and improv.