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Eric Broadbent & DJ Ghost

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Band Hip Hop R&B


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"CBC Main St. Interview with Matt Rainnie, Oct. 9, 2008"

it's audio, check link-

This interview was for our cd launch (and my birthday) and also about PEI hip hop compilation vol. 1.
It was me and Mike Amelia, being interviewed by Matt Rainnie and we had 2 of our songs played on cbc in it- Living on the internet and Juggling act. - CBC Radio 1

"ECMA nod 2007"

Urban nomination

Also thankful to be on the nominee list is Eric Broadbent, who received a nod for urban single-track recording of the year.

“I felt surprised and flattered to be nominated. There were over 30 submissions,” says Broadbent, who will watch the televised show from his home in Charlottetown.

“It’s great to be included. I was always the kid in school who was drawing and making rap music, before everyone was listening to it, so I was always used to being on the outside. So now it’s good to be on the inside.

“I’ve put a tone of work into this genre and it feels good,” says Broadbent who picked up a Music P.E.I. Award for urban recording in November.

Taken from
on 16/02/07
article by Sally Cole - The Guardian

"Dead Airwaves"

Dead Airwaves
Talking Bands
by Jaclyn Killins

It was a drenched mess of armpit stains and dripping foreheads at the Benevolent Irish Society one hot summer night when Charlottetown’s new hip hop band Dead Airwaves took the stage. “I was lucky there were no close ups because we just would have looked like Aquaman,” vocalist Eric Broadbent said.

“The summer was a sweaty mess. JP was the sweatiest and the messiest.” Broadbent added, speaking of drummer JP Moszynski. “I’d have to wear my swim shorts to jams,” Moszynski joked.

Broadbent won urban recording of the year at the 2006 PEI music awards for his solo album, He Wears his Emotions on his Sleeve. He wanted to do something different so he formed Dead Airwaves in March 2007. Dead Airwaves consists of Broadbent as lead vocalist, Mike Amelia on guitar and back up vocals, Moszynski on drums and Behn Rocker on bass.

Their sound is a fusion of hip hop and pop/punk, comparable to Rage Against the Machine. Broadbent’s wit and sarcasm is clear in his lyrics. He often presents political and societal themes using satire. “The lyrics are defiantly at the forefront,” Amelia said. Even before he was in the band, Rocker was drawn to the lyrics, he said. “I was really liking how his lyrics were telling the stories.”

Broadbent was nominated for an ECMA in 2006, where he performed for the Hip Hop showcase. He has been involved in many collaborations and groups including Communikozi with J.Kun, The Trip with Tech Thai, and the Creeps with John the Baptist 666 and Bob Bell. Broadbent’s song “pop star rehab” was nominated for an ECMA for urban single of the year in 2007.

Mike Amelia, who took the Recording Arts program at Nova Scotia Community College, mixed and mastered the band’s ep, released at the end of August. “Mike’s totally our engineer. Minus actually hitting the strings and yelling into the microphone and hitting the drums, Mike did everything,” Broadbent said.

Drummer JP Moszynski, a fourth year physics major at UPEI, is a long time friend of Amelia’s. When Broadbent and Amelia started playing together and decided to form a band, the soft-spoken Moszyski was their choice for drummer.

Bassist Behn Rocker replaced John Putnam who left for school in September. Rocker spent September jamming with the band and learning their 18 songs. Rocker, who had a brief stint in metal band Ares Reign, started out as a fan of Dead Airwaves. “He was one of the rowdy fans. Dream come true,” Amelia joked.

The band is accumulating a following of boisterous and dedicated fans. “These guys have like 15 or 20 of their homies at all the shows,” Broadbent said.

“Our friends are loud and rowdy,” Moszynski added. “These people go out to shows every night” Amelia said.

Fans should expect to see Dead Airwaves back in action this month.

Jaclyn Killins is a second-year journalism student at Holland College. We welcome her to the Buzz roster. —Editor

from the Oct. 2007 issue of the buzz
- The Buzz

"Excerpt from radio@upei PEI music award coverage"

Three moments, in particular, seemed to punctuate a series of strong performances on the night. Lloyd Doyle of Sandbar Music received a warm standing ovation as he was awarded Industry Person of the Year - an honour richly deserved for his tireless efforts on behalf of musicions across the Island. Music PEI president Rob Oakie made a poignant case for the music industry to be treated like the cultural and economic engine that it is to Prince Edward Island. And broadcasting legend Eric McEwen triggered spontaneous bouts of laughter from the crowd, as only he can, in an off-the-cuff inspirational address in lead up to his introduction of winner in the Urban/Hip Hop Category, Eric Broadbent.

the whole article about the award show is at- -

"ECMA nomination 2006"

Eric Broadbent
Rap/Hip Hop Single of the Year
He Wears His Emotions On His Sleeve
Nominated for Hip Hop single of the year, Eric Broadbent is just as interested in the production aspect of music as he is in making it. His single The Girl at Work, is from his album, He Wears His Emotions on His Sleeve. Broadbent, who just got accepted to recording school, said he played in a couple of bars the last time the ECMAs were in town, and will be happy with the exposure they bring. "I want to be more involved in the festivities this time." Broadbent, from Charlottetown, has been involved in other musical groups around town as well, right now he is part of The Trip. "Hip hop's not the only thing I'm doing. It's the thing I've been doing the longest and definitely the thing I do the best." The lyrics and arrangement on the album are his own with beats and scratches by Tec Thai, and a voice sample from Ruth Mathiang. The album can be purchased at Back Alley Discs or online at - The Buzz, Feb.2006

"taking position review by Rick O'Shea"

taking position review by Rick O'Shea

Trip, The: Taking Position
Criminal Underground (2002)
Rating: 7.5 / 10

"Taking Position", The Trip's first album, and's second release ever, is another example of the hip-hop talent from Carlottetown, P.E.I. Tech Thai (producer/emcee) and Kween (emcee) present us with a nice mix of emotion and sarcasm to make for a great album.
The first track on "Taking Position" is a nice intro to The Trip. Thec Thai produces a beat to catch your attention and scratches a couple of well selected "Trip" samples. The track is a perfect way to get listeners interested in what they are about to hear.

"Number One", the first song featuring anything from Kween, is all about the disgraceful state of mainstream hip-hop these days where every rapper is covered in bling and claims to be "number one". Another good beat with catchy scratches all topped with a sarcastic chorus about how "we're number one".

Next up is "Communication", an original idea for a song, as Thai and Kween go back and forth to give a "communication" feel. The beat compliments the "communication" theme as well with a lot of related samples. Definitely one of the more interesting songs on "Taking Position", as well as one of the better beats and scratches.

The fourth track "What a Trip", has two of the best verses on the album in it. The second verses by both artists really give you an idea of the talent we are dealing with. A very funky sounding beat, with a nice hook and a trip into the minds of these emcees really turns out to be a thrilling experience.

"Welcome Home", which is a track all about Charlottetown P.E.I., features a calm piano beat by Thai and more great verses from both artists. The track gives listeners a feeling of what life is like in the small city. Thai again provides great scratches for this song.

"Opinions", everyone has them, and that's what this track is all about. More specifically, the way that people let opinions blow up their egos. Another easy beat to listen to here, Thai throws in the best verse on the album, and Kween throws in two respectable verses of his own. All this together adds up to the gem of the album.

The last track on "Taking Position" is all about taking your position in life by just doing whatever is necessary. Another beat by Thai that it worth listening to, and more scratches that make for a nice finish to the album.

If you are interested in some easy listening hip-hop from Eastern Canada, this is definetley a recommended album. Both artists show us their lyrical talent, while we get a good look at the potential of Tech Thai's production skills. This one is's best release to date, give it a close look.

Review by Rick O' Shea


"The Coming of East Coast Hip Hop"

Jason Kun's family immigrated to Canada from rural Kaiping, Guangdong, China when he was three years old. He grew up in Charlottetown, PEI working in my family restaurant. While completing his undergraduate studies of Biology and Environmental Studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax and he began fusing my bio-spiritual beliefs into his hiphop lyricism. In 2002, he returned to China to reconnect with his mother's family, learn Cantonese and Mandarin, teach English and travel through the South West region of China. When he returned to Canada, he began a musical project with Eric Broadbent, a local musician and producer. He is now working as the Youth Environmental Network Atlantic Canada Regional Coordinator.

Communkozi. The title represents communication with a cause by any conceivable means. The group consists of Jason Kun (vocals/co-producer) and Eric Broadbent (vocals/co-producer/engineer) and they also collaborate with local rock, reggae and funk musicians. They have both been involved in hiphop music since the late 80's and as a mainstream culture they have seen it evolve from a perennial form of expression rooted in urban emancipation to a superficial commercial industry. All forms of culture are in a constant state of evolution and Communikozi seeks to set it's own humble path in the troubled concrete jungle of hiphop music.

They strive to make music that is creative and fresh in its message, arrangements and presentation. They feel they present topics pertinent to many demographics and hope to reach out to diverse listeners. Eric Broadbent is a PEI local hiphop and folk artist that has previously recorded albums. Jason has a unique musical background in creating socially conscious lyrics. Together they believe that we present a unique bio-spiritual perspective that portrays the condition of modern man.

They have performed live 7 times and are presently recording their second album. Jason is presently learning bass guitar and drum, write poetry and hope to continue working on music along with pursuing my life path in the environmental field.

reprinted from

- Chinese Canadian Culture Online Project

"When Red Comes-Communikozi"

The masterminds from criminal underground records are back with a brand new dose of hip hop. Eric Broadbent (vocals,beats,production,engineering and mixing) and Jason Kun (vocals, co-production), have just released their first full-length under the moniker Communikozi. When red comes is the most ambitious outing yet for these boys, who have recorded in the past under various guises (Broadbent himself has produced upwards of ten hip hop albums). The production provides a foundation for Communikozi's forays into old school, monster beats, joke rap, rock rhythms and whatever else turns them on. When red comes also mixes it up with the vocal tracks, juxtaposing the seemingly at-odds styles of Kun and Broadbent. Jason Kun explains that the modus operandi in effect is, essentially, "communication with a cause by any means conceivable". Hence Communikozi.
Along with their collaborators on this album-which include vocalist Ruth Mathiang, Port Citizen's brodie Reid, Devin Casario, John Michael Kelly and Rob Banks- Communikozi gives voice to themes as disparate as the Chinese immigrant experience, deep ecology, and revolution (both realized and unrealized), not to mention the joys of using an outhouse. Band members say that the story telling here is never too preachy or obvious, allowing the listener to read between the rhymes.
Available at Back Alley Discs. Showcase with Ruth and Friends will be held at Baba's lounge this month. Info on obtaining a copy of When red comes and upcoming live shows is available at - the buzz-Dec.'04


2008-Eric Broadbent and DJ Ghost
2010-Eric Broadbent and DJ Ghost 2



Prince Edward Island hip hop duo Eric Broadbent and DJ Ghost return with their dance flavoured album "Eric Broadbent and DJ Ghost 2," the follow up to their 2009 Music PEI urban recording of the year winning self titled album.
The new album is filled with dance fueled hip hop cuts with vocals by Eric Broadbent, and beats, scratches and back up vocals by DJ Ghost aka Mike Amelia.
Eric Broadbent and DJ Ghost look forward to rocking a dance floor near you!