Eric Bruton

Eric Bruton


I am a singer-songwriter / folky who can perform a mix of classic and modern folk / Americana, classic rock, Buffett, country, and party music for a broad mix of gig requirements. I specialise in solo performances but often play festivals and special events with a bass player.


Eric's musical roots are firmly planted in the sandy soil of eastern North Carolina. He is a former Merchant Marine captain who has worked Tugs, Cruise Ships and Sailing Vessels.

At age 15 he could not afford a guitar and the desire to learn was strong. A neighbor kid had a guitar that he could not play so he let Eric borrow it for a month. When all the other fellows were learning "Under The Boardwalk" he was teaching himself to play "Tom Dooley" and "MTA." Musical influences in his life are Tom Rush, The Kingston Trio, Peter Paul and Mary, John Prine, The Limelighters, Woody Guthrie, Towns VanZant, and a blind street performer in Palataka, Fla.
He is one of nthe most talented singer songwriters attempting to document the working lives of fishermen, farmers, tug crewmen, and all whose lives may seem unglamorous. Even in these modern times, civilization rests squarely on the shoulders of those who toil. His are love songs for those who ache, sweat, and long to be with their family.

Festival Performances

Eric performed 65 shows in 2005 and is currently booked for more than 70 solo and duo performances in 2006. Fourty five performances are scheduled for 2007. In 2005 he played the Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival sponsored by the South Carolina State Parks at Huntington Beach State Park. He has been invited back again this year to perform his folky / Americana style and will be a featured artist on that stage at various times for all three days.

Past festival performances include: NC 4th of July Celebration at Southport (2003), Swansboro By The SeasFestival (2003), Mullett Festival - Swansboro, NC (2003), Peanut Festival - Dublin, NC (2004), Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival - Hunting Beach State Park, SC (2005, 2006).


Hasbeen Romance

Written By: Eric Bruton

. Has-been Romance
©2005 Eric Bruton

Tempo: Walking
Verse 1
He was an old has been. Folks knew he never was.
He often did, Now he seldom dose.
He’ll never be famous, Record the great song.
But, he tunes in his life in his head
Pulls on his longneck, Wonders where he went wrong.

Am G B
His (Her, Their) world, just keeps on turn’n ‘round
And he’s (she’s, they’re) just hold’n on
Tonight he’ll (she’ll, they’ll) live in his (her, their) own country song.

Verse 2
She was an old looker But her looks have gone astray.
She turned heads Now the heads all turn away
She was a beauty queen but her star was never born
And her mirrors don’t lie anymore.
Checks out her lipstick but she don’t know what for.
(Go to Chorus)

Verse 3
They meet tonight down at the Lone Star Saloon.
They’ll have a dance another short term romance.
That cool beer’ll erase the lines on her face
And when he smiles she’ll see a twinkle in his eyes
They’ll walk to his place share love without remorse.
(Go to chorus)

Raven Hair Woman

Written By: Eric Bruton

Raven Hair Woman
2007© Eric Bruton, with Charles Owen
Tempo: 130 bpm Demo in G, 3:29
Intro ||:G D C D7 G:||

Billy was the youngest son of the youngest son of a shyster lawyer

Never learned to make an honest a living from an honest dollar

His life was just a loosing hand of solitar

Until he found the woman------- with the raven hair.

Verse 2
Sally was a waitress and a dancer down at the Hoot n Holler
Work’n her way through school for tips. She was trying to be a scholar.
__She was bound to have it all have a real good life
Career and be a mother and a rich man’s wife.
Bridge #1

In one night their lives would turn around-----------------

Something in the sweetness was profound-----------------

Verse 3
Billy slid a twenty underneath Sally’s blue lacy garter
Sally’s raven hair danced ‘round her face Billy knew at last he’d found her.
__Both their hearts exploded like__ a rocket at midnight
All who saw it happen --------- saw love at first sight.
Bridge #2

Deep and dark her eyes would shine Calm his raging heart

There was something in her touch let his fear depart

She softly stroked his fevered brow Showed him she would care.

She was a magic angel woman with the raven hair.
Verse 4
Bill and Sally settled down some how and made it through stormy weather
Funny how love can change two lives when it brings those hearts together
____Like flowers blooming by the road dancing in the wind
Natural beauty filled them up _____lovers to the end.

Never Far Away

Written By: Eric Bruton

Never Far Away
2007© Eric Bruton
Length 3:21
Intro G F G7 C G7

There’s a rare soft warm breeze Blow’n down the green hills.

It twirls its airy skirt All along the sage-------------

The cattle’s peaceful; grazing ‘neath the twinkling starlight

Bring back that sweet memory of that gentle night with you.


Out here in the Grass Lands East of Upton Town

It’s beans and flat bread served three time a day--------------

__Every day smells like the cattle Time drifts slowly by

And your sweet face is never far away.

Verse 2
Last time I saw you I was head’n for the round up
You were on the front porch Tears were in your eyes
It was awfully hard--------------- to clime on that ol’ horse back
With that new mail order cotton dress waving me good bye.
Verse 3
Tonight I’m coming home If this ol’ buckskin will tote me
I’ll hold you in my arms with passion in our souls
Can’t say I won’t go back out there to the grass lands
But if I do, in my heart I’ll take sweet memories of you
Repeat last line of chorus


All of the following are available on line at:

In 2001 - Released "Ocracoke Sessions." This is a compilation of songs about living and working on the water.

In 2002 - Released "Above High Tide." This is compilation of songs about living in coastal Carolina.

June 1, 2006 - Released "Unconditional." This is Eric's first compilation of original songs about romance.

At this time Eric is writing a group of songs dedicated to his love of the heartland. Look for this new CD in mid 2008.

Set List

I have a broad repertory and can perform 4 - 45 sets in many styles. You may click

All of Me
Amazing Grace
Bad Leroy Brown
Banana Republic
Banks of the Ohio
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Bill Baily
Blowing in the Wind
Bobby McGee
Brown Eyed Girl
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Changes In Latitude
Cheeseburger in Paradise
Chesapeake Remembrance
Child Of Sea Oats
Circle Game
City of New Orleans
Clinton Road
Closing Time
Come Monday
Coming From the Mountain
Country Roads
Darcy Farrow
Dead Willie Blues
Do Lord
Drift Away
Drunken Sailor
D't Think Twice / Frt Train
Eagle Island Memories
Early Morn Rain
Erie Canal
Every Step On Pisgah
Fire & Rain
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Folsom Prison Blues
Four Walls
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