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Eric Carlson

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Eric Carlson was born & raised in Racine, WI, and began piano lessons at age 9. When he was 10, Eric also took up the trumpet, and played both instruments in school band, jazz band, choir and orchestra through his senior year. During his senior year, Eric was director/pianist of the youth choir at his church. Throughout his junior high and H.S. years, and to this day, Eric occasionally plays piano for area H.S. musicals, as well as accompanying students for Solo/Ensemble Contest. He has held positions at 2 Lutheran Churches as organist/pianist, and subs frequently at many area churches.

When Eric turned 16, his father (Donald), gave him a gift that would forever change his life - a book and tools to learn the art of piano tuning and servicing. He immediately began reading and practicing tuning their piano at home as well as a few at Park High School. Eric tuned as a hobbyist and for extra money part-time for 7+ years, never thinking of it as a career - until 1989. Shortly after moving back to Racine, Eric heard about a full-time position, and began tuning for Billings Pianos in Milwaukee. This lasted only 8 months, and he started his own piano tuning and rebuilding business. To this day, Eric is highly sought after for the quality of his work.

While living in Colorado from 1984-1988, Eric played keyboards and sang in Slick When Wet, a Summit County based classic rock band. After a life-changing event in 1985, and a subsequent meeting of musician/arranger/studio owner Barry Neese (while tuning his piano) in Frisco, Colorado, Eric began acquired his first synthesizer and 4-track recorder. Also during this time, he began commuting to Denver to write and record music with some friends. Nothing ever came of that, but it laid a foundation and a love for recording that continues with Eric to this day.

Now, several multitrack recorders later, Eric keeps very busy during the school year recording and producing CDs for area school choirs, orchestras and bands, as well as various CD recordings for Racine Symphony Orchestra, Choral Arts Society of S.E. Wisconsin, and Carroll College, to name a few.


Let There Be Peace in the World

Written By: Eric Carlson, Kate Potter-Barrow

Sometimes I wonder why bad things happen.
It just doesn’t make sense:
Why would a man want to hurt innocent people?
And bring pain so immense?

Now one can look and see for miles…
People are coming together…
To remember those who died for us all...
They’ll be in our hearts forever!

Let there be peace in the world
Let there be peace in the world
Let’s pray for peace in the world

Though we’ll never fully understand
Such cowardly and evil commands...
With adversity we’ve all grown even stronger
It’s evident as we all join hands.

Though planes may crash and towers may fall
There’s something THEY didn’t understand!
There is no way to compromise OUR great spirit!
Nothing can divide this great land!


BRIDGE/Guitar Solo