Eric Claesson & The Scowlers

Eric Claesson & The Scowlers


Gypsy-folk Americana. Tom Waits and Nick Cave meet The Decemberists plus a heavy dose of Viking rage.


ERIC CLAESSON & THE SCOWLERS play gypsy-folk Americana. They create a world of sound where flamenco guitars, twang, Viking rage, dusty pianos, debauchery and haunting reverb are all friendly neighbors. They cover a variety of styles (waltzes, alt-country, rock, doo-wop, etc.), yet their songs find common ground in maritime themes and tension building elements. Their influences include: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Decemberists, The Dutchess & The Duke, Tom Waits, and Howe Gelb.


Crumpled In The Sun - EP, currently streaming on our websites and for sale on itunes.

Set List

Typical set list originals: Blasted & Classic, Crumpled In The Sun, Boxing Day, Winter Shiver, Little Museum, Anchors In The Sea, Mor Far Song, Reckless Bones, Crackling Chanteuse. Typical Covers: Wayfaring Stranger, As The World Falls Down, Walking After Midnight, Darker With The Day, Funnel Of Love, Cold Cold Ground, Rock And Roll Suicide. Sets can vary in length from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.