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Fear and Hope

Written By: Eric De Sena

Father and child walk for seven miles
In the stillness of another wintry dawn
Can’t ignore the echoes of the thunder
A tremor in his hand gives away his fear

Every day they risk their lives
For the sake of gathering water from the stream
Every day they risk their lives
So this little girl won’t lose her chance to dream

Daddy, what’s all this fighting about?
When’s the shelling gonna end?
Why are they trying to kill us?
Why are they trying to take our land?
I don’t ask for no diamonds
I don’t want no gold
I wouldn’t mind falling in love
I wouldn’t mind just growing old

Mother and child walk along the avenue
She won’t let him walk alone from school no more
The pimps and the drugs and the guns are unavoidable
But it doesn’t mean you cannot play by your own rules

Every day they live their lives
Wondering if they’ll see another day
Every day they live their lives
With the hope that they might find another way…..out of here

Mommy, I’m afraid to sleep at night
And I’m scared to go outside
I know they’re coming for me
And I ain’t got nowhere to hide
They’re gonna make me hate
They’re gonna make me kill
I just want to be myself
I want to live by my own will