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Greensboro, Georgia, United States | SELF

Greensboro, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Country Singer/Songwriter


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"Eric Dodd sets out to grace the Boro with his old-soul charm"

With his soft-spoken manner and easy-going attitude, singer-songwriter Eric Dodd took time out of his busy schedule last weekend and graciously allowed Connect Statesboro to pick his musical brains.
Dodd exudes an old-soul-type charm, mature beyond his twenty-something years, and it’s apparent that the Lake Oconee native takes his music — and his role as an up-and-coming country rock musician — very seriously.
However, don’t confuse that dedication with dullness, because behind his polished exterior lies a great sense of humor.
“I’d say if Zac Brown and Edwin McCain had a son together somehow, in a very strange way, that would be me,” Dodd said when asked to describe his style.
Besides being heavily influenced by those two artists, Dodd recognizes the inspiration he draws from growing up in the alternative rock-fueled mid-1990s and listening to his older brother’s music, including Hootie and the Blowfish and Matchbox 20. He also tips his hat to the likes of The Beatles and Van Morrison.
“It’s kind of across the board,” he said. “I love most genres of music … I like to think my music is unique, and maybe that’s because my blend and dispersion of influences.”
That same blend of influences is what Dodd draws from to create music that just about anyone can appreciate.
Just one week after celebrating the release of Dodd’s third album, “Time to Decide,” with a sold-out show back home, the Eric Dodd Band is making its way to the Boro this weekend for the first stop on their yearlong promotional tour. Along with Dodd, the band includes Bill Peters (a Georgia Southern graduate and longtime friend of Dodd) on bass guitar, Chris Hillsman (who has been in the music business for 20 years and also serves as Dodd’s manager) on drums and Jarrett Johnson (the talented newest addition to the band) on electric guitar.
Much of the credit for the band’s stop in Statesboro is due to Allen Roper of Free Lunch Entertainment, who also happens to be a childhood friend of Dodd.
“Allen’s … one of my best friends, and I’m so proud of him and what he’s doing for the music scene there, because his goal is to promote live music and make an awareness that there is some talent that needs to get to Statesboro, and I think he’s working really hard to have a music scene present there,” said Dodd.
Dodd is looking forward to bringing his high-energy show to the Boro and says the weekend’s set list offers both EDB originals and some rare covers — including a Pink Floyd surprise.
“I want everyone to have a good time … to feel — it sounds existential — but to feel inspired from the music,” he said. “I just want them to look back and say, ‘Man, that was a really, really great time watching Eric Dodd play,’ and hopefully lift their spirits, if their spirit’s down, or if it’s up, lift it a little more, you know.”
This Friday night, the band will be performing at the Millhouse, and on Saturday, they’ll keep the jams flowing at Buffalo’s “Coyote Ugly” theme party. At both shows, you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands on Dodd’s new album, “Time to Decide.” You can also find his music on iTunes.
“This is my third record, and it’s by far the best, production wise,” Dodd said. “My songwriting has come a long way; my songs are a lot better … I’m really, really excited to get this in people’s hands.” - Connect Statesboro

"Q&A with Eric Dodd: An Inside Look At This Year's Homecoming Concert"

Q&A with Eric Dodd
An inside look into this year’s Homecoming artist
Hailing from the familiar terrain of the Lake Oconee region, singer-songwriter Eric Dodd transcends the country, rock and Americana genres with ease and finesse through his relatable lyrics and down-home melodies.The Eric Dodd Band will take the Centennial Center stage at Georgia College’s Homecoming concert on Thursday Feb. 9, where it will open for headlining act Third Eye Blind.
Take a moment to become acquainted with Dodd himself in an intimate question and answer session that unveils the driving forces behind the rising artist’s success, musical inspiration and dreams for the future.

Q: When did you begin writing and playing your own music?

A: I’ve been producing music for five years now, and we just released our third record, “Time To Decide.” I released my debut record in 2007, “Heal,” when I was 21. I’ve been writing songs since I was 16, so I’ve been into music for a while now.

Q: What are your ties to Georgia College and what was your time like here?

A: I was at Georgia College for two years, where I was on the golf team. However, music was always pulling me away from golf. I played Capital City many times while at Georgia College and there was a good music scene in Milledgeville. It was a great way to grow as a musician by being there at that time in my life.

Q: Are you most used to playing for a college-aged crowd?

A: Most of our markets are aimed towards a college-aged crowd, but we’ve played music for people aging anywhere from 13 to 65. We enjoy playing for everyone, but when we’re on tour we make sure to stop in college towns. We know that there are a lot of music lovers in Milledgeville, so we’re excited to get in front of such a great crowd.

Q: What is your favorite venue to play with your band?

A: I played the Georgia Theatre in Athens many years ago, and there is also the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, which are two really premier venues. The band looks forward to getting back to Capital City, and we also play at Cowboys every now and then in Milledgeville.

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment in music so far?

A: I’ve gotten to play with Zac Brown and Edwin McCain, which have been huge milestones in my career. Releasing “Time To Decide” has been a totally different approach to music, and my songwriting has come such a long way as well. I’ve grown as an artist over the last year, so this record is something I’m really proud of.
Watching artists like Zac Brown grow and become what he has become while getting to know my other mentors, per say, like Edwin McCain have helped me learn a lot. It’s been a journey over the last five to seven years growing as an artist and learning about songwriting as well as performing.
Being able to open for Third Eye Blind at GC will also be a huge milestone, because I grew up listening to them.

Q: Where do you see the Eric Dodd Band in five years, and who do you dream to perform with in the future?

A: In the next five years I would like to see my music on a much larger scale as a national act. Touring around the country instead of the Southeast region is definitely a goal.
I would love to perform with someone like Van Morrison, who is one of my favorite writers and performers. He’s one of the best — I’ve followed his career and seen how he has kept all of the creativity to himself and not let anyone change him. That’s exactly how I want to stay throughout my career.

The first 100 people that visit the Eric Dodd Band merchandise booth at GC’s Homecoming concert will receive a free CD. The band is also in the process of putting together a promotional street team to spread Dodd’s music beyond the Southeast by handing out items like CDs and T-shirts.
GC is only one stop on Dodd’s ambitious spring tour, and the musician promises that students are in for a treat. “We’re so excited to be back in Milledgeville and it’s great of GC to put this Homecoming event on,” Dodd said. “We have a great show planned and even a few surprises.” - The Colonnade: Official Student Newspaper of Georgia College and State University

"Eric Dodd Voted Runner Up, Best Musician in the Lake Oconee Area"

Eric Dodd, Runner Up Musician to Zac Brown, Lake Oconee
- Lake Oconee Living, Best of 2011

"Georgia's Next Zac Brown?"

Depending on how you look at it, this has to be either the best or the worst time to be a crossover pop/ country/rock artist from Georgia. Within the genre(s), there’s a lofty standard being set by the likes of Zac Brown, Jason Aldean and others, and it can be daunting to those in the minor leagues looking for their break. Lake Oconee native Eric Dodd believes his break is out there for the taking, and with Time To Decide, he makes a strong case.

The easy comparisons at play here are the aforementioned stars (Brown and Aldean) as well as South Carolina native Edwin McCain — and while they all work, none should be used to paint Dodd into a one dimensional corner. Dodd’s voice has Brown’s signature twang but actually comes off as more genuine, while his storytelling is from McCain’s fold but is yet to find quite that level of comfort and maturity. Still, with these and other comparisons at work, the potential is clear.

Dodd finds his stride toward the center of Time To Decide, shelling out a string of sterling, radio ready hits ranging from mid-tempo country rockers
(“If The Ocean Was Whiskey,” “Whiskey Won’t Chase The Pain”) to shuffling Americana (“Made For Leavin’”) to a melodically driven rock-ballad

(“Where She Comes In,” the albums shining moment). Melody is the key for these (and others — namely the title track and the gorgeous “What Do You Say”), and Dodd showcases his uncanny ability to write rock solid ones.

Time To Decide isn’t a wall to wall speaker - buster. But in this genre, and in the age of singles, few releases claim that ribbon anymore. Dodd has singles to boot, and seems content in his understanding of the bottom line: If you write it, and write it well, good things will come. He’s has done the former, so don’t be surprised if the latter comes true very soon. - IN SITE Magazine, Atlanta Edition, December 2011

"One of Georgia's Elite Singer-Songwriter's"

“Eric Dodd comes from Georgia as do many great  singer-songwriters before him. He is unique in the same way that one of his fellow georgians like Gram Parsons was,  His songs are original, yet have a ring of familiarity to them that let's you know he has studied the masters of songwriting. If he continues to grow, he, too, will be a master...he is definitely on the right track!”

-Bruce Burch, Nashville Hit Songwriter/ EMI Publishing House Song Plugger/Kennesaw State University Music Business Director - Bruce Burch


Heal - November 2007
Hellos and Goodbyes - March 2010
Time to Decide - November 2011



At the impressionable age of 11 years old, Dodd attended his first concert, which happened to be the Counting Crows. Dodd was enchanted by that intangible bolt of awareness that hits you when you really feel something. This was real. From that night on, Eric wanted to be a singer-songwriter; a musician. He says he and his older brother Bryan shared a strong bond and love for music and credits his brother for noticing his wide eyes after the show. Bryan, then 15, introduced him to a wide variety of music. From Bob Dylan to Bob Marley, to Nirvana to Allman Brothers, Dodds education had begun. And the story goes

Along with some of his high school buddies, Dodd formed a rock band in Madison, Georgia where he attended high school. He had his first taste of singing original compositions for an enthusiastic crowd at the towns Cultural Center. Considered a local sensation, the young band played original and cover songs throughout their community and surrounding towns. Though the members parted ways when college called, Dodds passion for music did not wane; his resolve to create was stronger than ever.

While at Georgia College in Milledgeville, Dodd began to scout the local bars and restaurants; he played anywhere that would let him. With steadfast dedication and hard work, his songwriting and stage presence quickly evolved. He began collaborating with other songwriters around the state as well as friends. Dodds interest in the inner workings of the music industry began to take hold and he moved to Athens to study the business side of his craft. While studying Music Business at the University of Georgia, he paid his dues at the many venues in town including the famous Georgia Theatre. Dodd says, moving to Athens was a key decision in discovering how I would make music my life and make my life music.

Now 27, Dodds fans describe him as an old soul with lyrics that subscribe to this observation. Dodd has a seamless and tasteful way to weave between rock, country, and Americana. His music is accessible to a wide audience, not by design but by influence. His entertaining shows and maturity behind the scenes display the poise one must have to succeed in the music business today.

Dodd and his band have been touring the southeast since 2008 and are playing over 200 shows a year. Dodd is one of Georgias most polished and eminent artists.

His third and latest release, Time To Decide, is now available on iTunes!