Ventura, California, USA

I play solo drums and percussion with a backing track. This is more than a drummer playing along to a cd .This is a show!


Born and raised in a Canadian city bordering Motown, the city of Detroit, Eric Dudinsky developed his initial passion for music at a very early age and picked up his first set of drum sticks at age nine. Inspired by Detroit's rich musical history and its multi-cultural scene, Eric sought the instruction of a well-known local percussionist, Carl Harris, who is currently a music instructor at the University of Windsor.

Eric has been part of various Alternative bands, eventually surfacing as the drummer for a progressive-rock/jazz-fusion band, HRNJEZ. With this band, Eric played the local scene and won awards for his unique style: he was recognized as the best drummer in the area.

Since his early performances, Eric has played with several bands whose musical styles have ranged from industrial, disco/funk, heavy metal, big band/jazz, to East Indian classical. Eric has played on the same bill as Canadian alternative hard-rockers Crawl (Excited Records), alternative-Gothic band The Tea Party (EMI Music Canada), Nigerian world beat artist Sonny Okosuns and his band (Stern's Music U.S.A.), Native-American rocker John Trudell& Bad Dog (Ryko), and mariachi tribute artist El Vez (Sympathy for the Indust.).

Eric Dudinsky is a multi-talented and versatile drummer and percussionist, but his expertise is not limited to this field. Given his ability to play many other instruments, including bass guitar, Eric has also acquired an understanding of other musical forms and can easily adapt to a variety of musical situations. Eric Dudinsky moved to California and has played drums and recorded with Ventura based Brit-Pop band “The Bang”, L.A. based band "Break up Sex", and hip hop artist "Spice 1". Eric has lent his talents to "Gypsy", "The Grace Holmes Band" "Just Martha" "The Emergency Rock Unit!" Eric Dudinsky is currently playing with Los Angeles rocker "Jon Magnificent", Electronic dance band "Van Cougar" and doing solo drum shows. Furthermore he will be finishing up on his solo Cd soon.


EP: Eric Dudinsky
You Won't Believe This: Jon Magnificent
EP: Emergency Rock Unit
There is Still Hope: Gypsy

Set List

45 min - can be played.