Eric Du'Waine

Eric Du'Waine


An artist out of Dallas expressing himself thru songwriting,producing and performing a cool set of Rythym and Blues in a way that has never been heard before.Reminded often of Stevie Wonder and Donnie Hathaway,Eric brings to you soul and inspiration that will lift you,move you,"n love you"at once!!


Eric Du'Waine is best described as a true artist!Being that he brings his imagination into life,he's able to paint the perfect picture that will make you sit, listen and or cry,get up and bounce or lift up and inspire you.Born and raised in Dallas,Tx. he's the sixth out of ten children coming from a home that could barely afford off brand products.Practically living in the church brought him up listening to the truth and the opinions of many speakers,ministers.artist etc. that expressed themselves in ways that influenced Eric to do the same,but in a different direction.In a way that could not only touch those that are in the church,but those who needed inspiration in the world that we live in."With society as it is, we all need truth,understanding and direction in life and that which is in me I will pour into others so they will can know that they're not alone.That we all live once and then die so while we're here,lets work together and teach one another how to make it thru this journey of life."(Eric)


My first single wan entitled"Decisions"
Now working on a second album,my second single is "Put it on Me".None of which are in airplay currently.

Set List

My sets are at average between 10 and 30 minutes long.It all depends on the necessity of the venue.Im usually in a club atmosphere or a wedding/poetry type of area.