Eric D. Wortham II
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Eric D. Wortham II


Band Jazz Gospel


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"Pianist's jazz branches from his gospel roots"

Kevin Rogers- Director of jazz studies at Philadelphia's High School for Creative and Performing Arts

"He's a phenomenally gifted player who came to us as a vocal major and, fortunately, he became an instrumental major and began developing his gifts, which are extraordinary. The progress he made during the time he was with us was far ahead of anyone in my 20 years here. Eric, once he became aware of other styles and genres, developed at an incredible rate of speed and is still growing. The CD is only the beginning. He is capable of moving way beyond this and certainly will."

-The Times , Friday, October 24, 2003
- Curt Yeske

"Extraordinary Talent"

"When Eric was here to play with Vivian we had a chance to talk for a
few minutes and exchange ideas about music and what makes it so
important to both of us. He played a piece by Scott Joplin that he had
moved away from the original ragtime feel and into something more of
his own.
What struck me about the piece was this; He played as if he was
risking everything. It gave the piece a sense of urgency, that he
might fail at the next turn but he didn't, it just became more exciting
as he continued. It was a true journey, an invitation to travel
somewhere through music where the outcome wasn't certain, and all the
way to the end his own joy in being swept up in it was present. When I
drove home that evening I thought about Bill Evans and Miles and
Coltrane and the magic that had happened on Kind of Blue. The
environment had been created where something more than notes had been
recorded. It is all to rare in my experience to meet someone that is
willing to go into a place in themselves and look for more than the
notes, more than what has already been played or expressed. Its a kind
of bravery to risk beyond what is comfortable and trust what you find
It is the difference between listening to a good player and being
invited to share an experience.

"Its hard to sum up this kind of thing. All I can tell you is
that once in a while you meet someone that wants to go beyond the
surface and create something meaningful and lasting. I believe Eric is
one those people."

Philip Nowlan- Angle Mountain studios

- Philip Nowlan


When I Became Myself
Eric D. Wortham II "Live"



Gifted with hands that bring keys to life, Eric D. Wortham II has been captivating audiences for years. From a young age, Eric’s heart desire was to play the piano. With this in mind, his father prayed that God would anoint his hands for service. At the tender age of nine, Eric began learning to play the piano. He would later study the classical mastery of composers such as, Bach, Haydn and Scarlatti.

At the High School for Creative & Performing Arts (CAPA), Eric learned to play jazz under the teachings of musical director, Dr. Kevin Rodgers. During his training with Dr. Rodgers, Eric was introduced to the sounds and musical style of Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, and Gonzalo Rubalcaba. Dr. Rodgers’ influence on Eric allowed him to discover the path in which he wanted to go. However, Eric had to learn to balance playing the new music styles that he loved and the church music that he was accustomed to from his youth. This caused Eric to develop a style all his own that has resulted in the release of his debut album, appropriately entitled, “When I Became Myself”.

Eric is an extremely gifted pianist/composer and was the recipient of the year 2000 Piano Prodigy Award. At only 21 years old, Eric teaches piano, and has played at The Clef Club, Kimmel Center, Academy of Music, Zanzibar’s, and Warmdaddy’s among others, all in Philadelphia, and has created a buzz in numerous cities including New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Baltimore, Trenton, Miami and in Bermuda! Eric is described as “electrifying” in his live performance

A premier artist on LGR Records, Eric’s musical capabilities has allowed him to accompany many of the other artists on the record label roster, as well as to accompany and collaborate with numerous artist such as Vivian Green, Jeff Bradshaw, Warren Cooper, Tony Granberry, Jill Scott, and Music SoulChild.

Whether performing alone or collaborating with other artists, Eric possesses the poise and pizzazz to leave audiences speechless!