Eric Eggleston

Eric Eggleston


Charted at #1 in Sonicbids' "Top Booked Artists". With a steadfast refusal to take life too seriously Eggleston delivers "Easy Rock" with soaring harmonies, great hooks and a hint of R&B. Coldplay meets Oasis with a Beatles influence. Great Live show. Check out the 12 page "Press Kit" magazine.


Four lads in their mid twenties, have been together for 5 years. They have performed over 700 shows, including tours to Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden & Norway. Additionally, they recently toured Ontario for corporate sponsors, Molson's and Alexander Keith's. They recently played the side stage at the Toronto Molson Amphitheatre for the Rod Stewart event. Eggleston will appear on the OMNI Network "Music On Demand" series to be aired Q4 across United States.

Eggleston's self released album sold over 2,000 copies stage side, and their latest album "This Modern Life" was released March 2004. To date the album has received rave reviews. Ottawa Citizen gave the album a good-excellent rating, and it is garnishing Canadian airplay.

The group has a great stage presence and deliver a wicked live show. All members have a professional, pleasant and appreciative disposition, and are a pleasure to work with.

The current goal of the group is to tour as much as possible in support of their original material and air play. The band is very comfortable playing covers for corporate events or to cater to an audience.


Racking My Brain

Written By: Eric Eggleston

There’s a star in the sky and the night is falling
No one whispers Tanya Harding
There’s a fear in the house and I must be there
Look up to the sky, and my star is calling

I’m racking my brain wondering why I should ever leave
Love keeps me here now, let’s me escape, why should I leave

There’s mud on my hands and the earth is burning
Who the hell is Tanya turning?
There’s a seed in the earth and I must be there
Look down to the ground, still I’m learning

And all troubles aside, still racking my mind, what could I say
When you called my home, late in the night, feeling the same,
What’s my name, Oh what’s my name

In The Morning

Written By: Eric Eggleston

I opened my mind and man I had a good time
The next thing you know my ass is way out of line
In the morning, wondering

I’ve made up my mind, now I’m a little behind
I’ll be picking you up but I’ll be changing the time
Now you’re crying, in the morning

I’m way out of line
I said, I’m way out of line,
I’m doin’ the time

I can’t live here anymore
I’ll kick my own self out the door
Behind my shadow there’s a wall
And my waterfall will start to flow again

I’m walking the line and now I’m doin’ the time
The next thing you know my ass is way out of line
in the morning, wondering


Written By: Eric Eggleston

Hey hey I see plenty
Pretty sure my eyes are seeing 20/20
This town’s got fever of tulips
Got one in me hand, see now I’m droolin’
Page down another chapter
Finally got a grip on my ego laughter
Brick wall, bathroom stall
I don’t give a kick if my name’s on your soccer ball

Pleased to meet you, but you do not have a clue

Oh my Ma is off to California
She’s got the good word and she’s gonna stick it to ya
Bill Gates is the running man and if you hold his hand he’s got you all by the RAM
RB’s of the information age
Deep in the game where Rockerfeller set the stage
I’m sure he’s gonna take the fall but when you’ve got a strange hold you take the fall by the balls

Pleased to meet you, but you do not have a clue
I see your name it’s on the display
Why would you call this late?

Carry the weight of all that you need,
And then you subtract it from all that you leave
Come take my hand and walk it along
This way you will have me I know we belong
Can’t help myself from dragging down and crying


With 4 EPs under his belt, and his first commercial release out this year, Eggleston has garnished significant recognition of his music.
The following tracks have made to the airways.
Racking My Brain (This Modern Life)
Peter the Fox (This Modern Life)
Drugstore (This Modern Life)
Lincking My Fingers (Passin' Through)

Set List

Whether play an hour and a half original gig, or 3 x 45 blended cover gig, Eggleston has an amazing ability to play the crowd, often calling his set list on the fly, with stellar accuracy.

Racking my Brain
Where the Dames Are Swell
Peter the Fox
Licking my Fingers
Good Neighbour
I Don�t Wanna Wait
Good Day for a Bad Day
Ali Babar
Bad Fragrance
Man On Fire
In my Skin
In the Morning
Celtic Xmas
So Young
Passin Through
Hookers & Blow
The Saints

Occasional Covers include:
Coldplay: Yellow, Clocks, Don�t Panic, In My Place
Oasis: Champagne Supernova, Don�t Look Back in Anger, Wonderwall
Beatles: Please Please Me, With a Little Help From My Friends, Obla Di Obla Da, Drive My Car, Yellow Submarine, Norwegian Wood, Two of Us
Simon & Garfunkel: Cecilia, Mrs. Robinson, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
The Clash: Should I Stay or Should I Go, Train in Vain
Bob Marley: Redemption Song, Waiting In