eric fontana

eric fontana


Influences include: Beck, Jeff Buckley, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello and Paul Westerberg. Eric's music takes rock, soul, and brit-pop to create an accessible but unique post-modern mutt.


NEW CD! "Saving Secret Grace" at
2001, 2005 ,2006 and
2007 Providence Phoenix Music Poll 'BEST MALE VOCAL' and 'ALBUM OF THE YEAR' nominee -
Eric, a graduate of Boston's Berklee College of Music, has performed live as a solo artist with such notables as;
Kritsten Hirsh, Ben Folds, Tanya Donnelly, They Might Be Giants, Howie Day, Anna Nalick, Jason Mraz, Doughty (of Soul Coughing), Erin Mckeown and Josh Ritter, as well as studio work with Dropkick Murphys, The Amazing (Royal) Crowns, members of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and No Doubt.
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i will be ready

Written By: eric fontana

will you be the one i've waited for?
will you be my blessing?
will you show me what i'm really worth?
i will be ready for it
you will come in like a hurricane
you will surely wreck me
but you'll rebuild what you take away
and i will be ready for it
-i don't know if you'll come to stay
i don't know if my heart will bleed
but i know that the truth
sometimes hurts
and i will be ready for it-
will be the one you waited for ?
will be your blessing ?
will show you what you're really worth?
and i will be ready for it
i will come on like a hurricane
i will surely wreck you
but i'll rebuild what i take away
and i will be ready for it
i know that i will be ready for it


"Sound Station Seven" 2001 -indie
"Hats and Shoes" 2003 -indie
"Saving Secret Grace" 2006 -indie-NEW RELEASE
"HUAC1 " (Hot Un-signed Artists of Americana Comp. 1) -Catamount Records, Nashville
"HUAC2" (Hot Un-signed Artists of Americana
Comp.2) -Catamount Records, Nashville
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