Eric Frazier

Eric Frazier

 New York City, New York, USA

Eric Frazier's latest CD "Live at Cecil's" is eclectic, exciting, energetic, stimulating and inspiring enough to make anyone want to move to the beat.


Biography – Eric Frazier

Eric Frazier was born in Harlem, New York City. He was raised in Brooklyn, New York in a family of eight children. He ran track and road races for 27 years. His love of the physical culture and creative expression led him to the study of the Conga Drum, Djembe Drum and African Dance.

His recordings exemplify a world of music including Jazz, Swing, BeBop, Salsa, R&B. Calypso and Blues. His CD’s have been a perennial best seller for Tower Records.
Eric hosted his own television talk show called “Cultural Horizons” on Queens Public Access Cable TV in 1998. He has made personal appearances on The Hambone Cable TV show (BCAT), The Camille Yarborough Manhattan Cable TV Show, along with his gifted and talented daughter Du Ewa Frazier (author of “Shedding Light On My Journey’s and CEO of Litnoire Publishing Company, The Jazzy Jazz Show (BCAT-TV), Producer’s Profile (BCAT-TV), Caribbean Soul (BCAT-TV), and BET Jazz Discovery and Bet On Jazz Cable TV shows. Eric is the co-host of WLIU Jazz radio 88.1 FM on BCAT Cable TV channel 57 (Time Warner) and Channel 70 (CableVision). In addition, He has appeared on numerous radio stations across the USA.

Eric has performed in such historic New York venues as the famous Rainbow Room, Madison Square Garden Theater, The Iridium Jazz Club, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and The Apollo Theater. He has performed in great Jazz venues of New York, Chicago, New Jersey, Philadephia, PA, St. Louis, MO, Washington DC , Hartford, CT, Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA and numerous Universities and colleges. Some of his festival performances include the: Cape May Jazz Festival, Chicken Bone Beach Jazz Festival, Jazz Improv Festival, NYC, Brooklyn International Film Festival, Central Brooklyn Jazz Festival, International African Arts Festival, Fort Green Park Festival, Metrotech Music Festival, NYC, and numerous others.

His interest in Dance, Music, Theater and Writing are evident in his background. Otis Gould, former Chi-lites drummer and college friend, taught him to play Congas for bands. He learned the Djembe drum from Ibrahim, famous master teacher from The Dance Company of Senegal. Eric was inspired in dance by his brother, the gifted and talented Gary Ellis Frazier, formerly with The Alvin Ailey Dance Company. Eric has performed with such dance groups as Katherine Dunham, Olatunji, Charles Moore, Chief Bey, The International African Ballet, and Varshaa Bardhan and Chandra Baneyei of The
Tanusree Shankar Dance Company of India (Headed by Ananda Shankar, son of the great Ravi Shankar).

Eric was a solo artist for the play “Wemmins of the Dark” at the historic Henry Street Playhouse in Soho, New York City and went on tour in the New York Metropolitan area performing his own poetry for The Rennick Playright Company. He is the author of the following books of poetry: “Family, Friends and You,” “Thought of a black Child” and “Black Gold and You.” Additionally, Eric is the author of numerous scholarly articles, Jazz Columns, publications and letters. He has lectured at numerous colleges and Universities and is available for lectures, workshops and presentations.

Eric has had the pleasure of great artists accompany him in his band and on his recordings, such as Reggie Workman, Robin Kenyatta, Carlos Garnett, Jimmy Ziegler, , Bob Cunningham, T.K. Blue, Lonnie Plaxico, Bill Saxton, Stanley Banks and Danny Mixon. In addition to performing with legends such as Pharaoh Sanders, Jack McDuff, Jimmy McGriff, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Ruben Wilson and Russell Malone his recordings have included the talents of young giants such as Jeremy Pelt, Anthony Wonsey, Wayne Escofery and Maurice Brown.

Max Roach, renown as one of the most legendary Jazz Drummers in history, first heard Eric as a solo artist on October 25, 1998. He was inspired to get on the Mic and tell the audience to savor the moment because they were in the midst of a great conga player.

Eric’s latest CD “In Your Own Time),” is catapulting him to the very top of the music movers and shakers. We are confident that this CD will add enhanced pleasure to your every listening moment.

Eric Frazier’s CD ‘s may be purchased at J&R Music World, NYC, Burnside Distribution Retail stores.,,,,

Eric was educated at the famed “Boys High School in Brooklyn, New York. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in three years at Southern Illinois University, (Carbondale, Illinois) in Black American Studies with minors in Economics and Sociology and Cultures and two Masters degrees and a Doctoral ABD at Columbia University Teachers College in New York City in Education Administration and policy.

Biography of Band
David Lee Jones-Saxes was a grammy award winning artist with the group Digable Planets 1994. He performed with other artists such as Jack McDuff,


The Jazz Spot

Written By: By Eric Frazier copyright November 2005

Things are getting hot
It's really 'bout to start
At the Jazz spot
The Jazz Spot

Everybody's looking
Things are always cooking
At the Jazz Spot
The Jazz spot

You can here your favorite tunes
Cry me a River
How high the moon

Here the people saying
Eric Frazier's playing
At the Jazz Spot
The Jazz Spot

You know things are swinging
When the bassman's singing
At the Jazz spot
The Jazz Spot

Lilith greets you at the door
With a smile, hello you can't ask for more

Barbecue wings
My favorites things at The Jazz Spot
The Jazz Spot
Route 66
You can get your kicks
At the Jazz Spot
The Jazz spot

Man. This joint is jumping
The drums, piano and the horns are pumping

Keisha's always fixin
Something in the kitchen
At the Jazz Spot
The Jazz Spot
To catch a great show
The hip people go
To the Jazz spot
The Jazz Spot

Classics of Miles, Dizzy and Coltrane
All Blues, Night in Tunisia, My favorite Things

You never get your fill
There's always time to kill
At the Jazz Spot
The Jazz Spot

You know things are swinging
When the bassman's singing
At the Jazz Spot
The Jazz Spot
You can bet your bottom dollar
When the music makes em holla
At the Jazz spot

Lion in The Serengeti

Written By: Eric Frazier

I wake up in the morning with the sun in my eyes
Sometimes i feel so darn good like the neighborhood franchise
I get out my favorite kicks
and pull out some matching clothes
I shower and brush my teeth and even peticure my toes
Cause I'm ready freddie
Like a lion in the serengeti
By the time I'm out the door
I'm ready for the day
I'll be a butcher a baker a candlestick maker
Anything for pay
They say this city is tough
But you know where I come from
The tougher the tough
The rougher the rough
Just a word in a fluff
Cause I'm ready freddie
Like a lion in the serengeti
By the end of the day
I was heading home
A lady in red stop me and said
Do you want to roam?
We stop for a drink
And I started to think
If I spend much more time
I'll be falling behind
My evening hussle
By the time I make home
There's a message on the phone
I had a good day
what else can I say
Cause I'm in a zone
I'm ready freddie
Like a lion in the serengeti
I'm ready Freddie
Like a lion in the seregeti


"Count Your Blessings" released Oct. 1996
"Smile Inside Your Soul" released Aug. 2000
"The Eric Frazier Quintet Live at The Knitting Factory" released Sep. 2003
"Find Yourself (Then Find Me)" released Aug. 2004
"In Your Own Time" released June 2006
"The Eric Frazier Quintet Live at Humphrey's by The Bay" released March 2008
"The Eric Frazier Quintet Live at Cecils Volume 1" released June 2009
"The Eric Frazier Quintet Live at Cecils Volume 2" released June 2009

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Appearances on other recordings:

"Life of a Superstar" by Pamela McPherson-Cornelius 2007
Eric Frazier-Composer "It's all Love" Track 3

"A Taste of Honey" By Neil Woodard 2006
Eric Frazier -Congas-Tracks 1,2,3,6,10

Bebopbraineez DVD, Children's Jazzy DVD Series, 2008

"Da Stuy" DVD movie written by Joseph Grant 2006
Features the Music of Eric frazier

Set List

Set List
Feeling So Unnecessary
Mom & Dad –rhythm changes
Que Tenga Un Buendia
All Blues- G
Cheek to Cheek -C
Fever C-
Jazz Spot Eb blues

Walk the Walk
A train
I found a Way
Afro Blue
Jamila’s Groove
Moody’s Mood
Pennies from Heaven

Softly as in a Morning Sunrise
Eagle Eyes
Lion in the Serengeti
Misty Eb
Nobody Knows Me