Eric French and Mr. Hyde

Eric French and Mr. Hyde

 Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Guitarslinger/ songwriter rock n' blues bombast set off by an introspective acoustic streak. Rootsier, less fratty John Mayer with teeth.


This first release from Eric French is a dual, full-length profile of two musical voices. His unapologetic rock n’ bluz bombast is set off by an introspective acoustic streak. An explosive trio in the tradition of The Experience, The Cream, and The Police is balanced by a lone singer with an acoustic guitar.

Living and performing in Providence and Boston for years after attending Berklee College of Music, Eric developed his rock and folk personas while simultaneously working as a guitarist for other artists. The son of a blues guitar player, tools and support were present from a young age. As a cancer survivor, so was the inspiration, resolve, and patience necessary to bring his work to bear.

Eric French & Mr. Hyde is self-produced and released, coached along by mentors Charles Sorrento (Colwell-Winfield Blues Band, Bellevue Cadillac), and Jack Hale (Producer/MD Johnny Cash, Seals and Crofts, member Memphis Horns). Recorded with musicians in Boston and Brooklyn, Newcastle and Nashville, it tells a variety of stories.


Eric French & Mr. Hyde - LP released 10/10, currently being played on WRIU, WBRU, WXIN

Set List

Available as:

Solo Acoustic
Electric Trio
Symphony Orchestra

Original Show and or Rock, Pop, Blues cover repertoire to fill a whole night