Eric Friday

Eric Friday

 Goose Creek, South Carolina, USA
BandHip Hop

I am a hip hop junkie that never got signed in 2000 so I was overlooked. It only gave me more time to perfect the potion for the perfect hip hop onslaught that is about to begin. Watch me now!!!.....


I feel like I was destined for great things in hip hop even on a small scale. Like my boy, he doesn't wanna hang in the streets anymore because I influence him to work and raise a family. You see we grow from hip hop. So many have forgotten the main reason we are artists 1st and that is our own fault as true emcees for letting it succumb to times such as this. Well my style is a free-flowing, ever-changing, re-birth into hip hop music. Let's dive on in feet first and see what kinds of exciting twists and turns await us! i truly believe, that given the chance, once you begin this journey with me you will not be disappointed!


Indecent Exposure Vol. 1