E.W. Harris

E.W. Harris


Eclectic jazz pop. Original music veined with swing, soul, R&B, rock, folk, African, and blues. Fear not, though, there are some covers too.


"The most noticeable feature of our music is really our variety. We played a gig last week, you know a coffee house thing, low key, and this lady came up to me and said, 'What don't you guys play? You go from swing, to folk to The Girl from Ipanema.' I didn't know what to say but "thanks" I took it as a real compliment."
- Eric Harris

The Eric Harris Group really began a folk rock band with jazz fusion elements called Luminous, but as many projects inevitably do, schedule conflicts and creative differences ultimately resulted in its untimely demise. In the wake of this, Eric Harris, (vocalist and primary songwriter for Luminous) decided to release a solo album in the folksy vein from whence he had come."Left on Cleveland Ave.", was the album, and really marks the beginning of The Eric Harris Group as it exists today. With the influence of his current co-conspirators (Chris McGee, Isaac Weese, Kell Dodson, and past members Neal Sawhney and Stacey Halstead), the Eric Harris Group has evolved into an ensemble that covers a wide array of styles, while still maintaining the folksy charm its fans have come to expect. Lately, The Eric Harris Group is working on completing its most ambitious project yet. The album Toast (due for completion sometime in late 2007), is to be the album that really showcases EHG's departure from its folk balladry, with songs ranging from hard swing, to gentle bossa with a little bit of rock, and afro beat for flavor. Some tracks from this album have also appeared in the Red Duck Pictures feature "Imperfections," and will be appearing in Dradelfish Productions "The Pink Elephant."

As for the future of The Eric Harris Group, everything is looking up. Having recently joined the Frog and Toad Records family, all the members look forward to completing both "Toast," and a live compilation this year entitled simply "Live in Athens, GA." "I'm in it to win it man," says Kell Dodson when asked about the future of the band. Although he chuckles, it seems that this sympathy is not only sincere, but shared by the all members of the EHG.


The Dominos

Written By: Eric Harris

The reason I tipped the Dominos
Was the reason they all fell down
And it seems that I know nothin'
Very well
I'm jugglin' boiled eggs
Just in case they hit the ground
But they're startin' to rot and I can't stand the smell

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
Seven, six, five, four, three-two-one,
Six and four ain't prime,
But I'll still go to heaven,
If I drive an impalla for fun

There was an old man in a tree,
Who was horribly stung by a bee,
When asked, does it buzz?
He replied, yes it does,
It's a horrible brute of a bee

The reason I tipped the Dominos
Was the reason they all fell down
And it seems that I know nothin'
Very well
I'm jugglin' boiled eggs
Just in case they hit the ground
But they're startin' to rot and I can't stand the smell.

Me and Alex

Written By: Eric Harris & Isaac Weese

All the money that I got
Is lyin shiny on the floor
And there's a little piece of paper
It says EVICTION, on the door

But I don't know why I don't even care.

No resolution to this restitution,
Floozys boostin like the melodrama mamas
Night train is over by the station
I'm movin down against the upward escalation,
Booze bottles always make me happy pappy,
Kinda crappy when I see that they are empty,
Pretty baby say she want to get to know me,
She's from Missouri so she always want to show me

But I don't know why I don't even Care

My thoughts are circumnavigatin'
Straights of Magellan in my mind,
Yet when they reach the hippocampus,
It seems that old Magellan died.

But I don't know why I don't even care.

And I don't

The Miracles

Written By: Eric Harris

They live outside of town,
On Jimmy Nelson streen,
Little Bobby gets around,
With no shoes on his feet.
Cathy has a garden,
But it's all dead and brown,
She says, "Bobby it gets better,
When Daddy comes to town."

And have you seen the Miracles,
They live outside of town,
Drop a quarter in the wishin' well
And maybe they will come around.

And little Jenny Miracle,
Today's her sweet sixteen,
She's screamin at a photograph,
Of a man she's never seen

And spirits of the moments,
Spit filth as they drive by,
Cracked cigars and empty bottles,
Can't wash away their lives.

And have you seen the Miracles,
They live outside of town,
Throw a quarter in the wishin well,
And maybe they will come around.


Left on Cleveland Ave. (full-length album)
Me and Alex (single from the upcoming album Toast)
Featured in the Red Duck Pictures film "Imperfections"
Streaming on Mixposure user stations "Masters of Mellow" with Aron David Bradley, and "RJ's Mood Therapy" with Robin James
Featured live on NPR station WUGA 91.7's program "It's Friday" with Robb Holmes
Airplay on NPR station WUGA 91.7's program "Just Folks" with Maggie Hunter

Set List

A typical night for us in a house gig, or restauraunt setting is:
About an hour for the jazzier originals mostly staying in the swing/cool/bossa range with some standards like Autumn Leaves or various Jobim compositions.
This is broken up by a mini set (of variable length) of acoustic songs performed in solo or duet, mostly original, but including covers by artists like John Prine, Cat Stevens, and Neil Young.
The whole ensemble returns for the final set where the focus is more on uptempo swing, rock, and bluesy originals, and some entertaining renditions of various pop songs (most notably the Jazz Gin and Juice).

In a show setting, with multiple acts, the sets tend to be similar, but with most of the covers trimmed out and the down and mid tempo songs interspersed among the fast ones for empahsis on direct entertainment value rather than a gradual energy build through the night.